I just call from principal want me to pick him up

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by RobinD, Jan 31, 2008.

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    Well I got a phone call from the principal. Willy was all worked up at school today. She thought it was the energy going on at school. She thought because Ms. M had to leave in a hurry to the hospital because of her pregnancy. But Willy told me she went home sick. So I guess he doesn't know what went on. I told the principal that this is all anxiety and Willy trying to get out of school. I told her I email Ms. M last nite about his anxiety and about the word test and the social studies packet. He didnt' flip out this morning and didn't refuse to go to school. I told her I don't want to give into his anxiety. She thought it was because what was going on with his teacher. She ask that i pick him up or ms c would bring him home. I said no I don't want to give into his anxiety. If we do it he will pull it to get out of school. He needs to work thru his anxiety. So they are going to work with him right now to see if they can get him calm down. He was in the hallway when she called. They let me talk with him and he told me he threw up and than he threw his water bottle across the classroom. See he is getting himself all work up over nothing. So I hope they don't call again and want me to pick him up.
    I had post about this at http://conductdisorders.com/forum/showthread.php?t=11435 it shows the email I sent to his teacher and then the email she sent back to me. But now this teacher is at the hospital due to her having complications in her pregnancy she is not due until late May. Willy thinks she went home sick. Principal thought he was all work about his teacher as there was alot of energy going around. I told her no this start last nite and last week with the test coming up.
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    I agree that if he comes home he'll know to pull this every time things don't stay according to plan. They did this with my daughter and it got so bad that we ended up moving her to a Special Education program. Not a single incident since the 3rd day at the new school.

    Is there a "safe room" that he's allowed to go to when he feels aggitated? Sometimes just sitting in a quiet environment with someone he trusts (a para, a teacher, administrator, even one of the secretarys) will allow him to "unstick" on whatever it is that has him fixated.

    I'd stand my ground. If the teacher is having complications, she may be out until delivery OR in and out sporadically.

    Good luck, I'm rooting for you!

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    The thing is this is all special needs school! So they should of been able to work thru it. I am sure his teacher didn't have time to let the principal or her aide in her class what my email was about last nite as she was in her own crisis today.
    Well so far it has been 2 hours since the phone call so he must of calm down or they were able to get him calm down.
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    i also agree. I remember dreading those calls from school! Is there any particular behavioral display that you see when the big meltdown comes? Maybe you can all be on the same page if behavior gets to a certain point than you know he's had enough and needs to be removed from the school/situation at that tme. Like throwing things amy not be it but crying or some other behavior would let everyone know he can't take it anymore at that moment. Sorry for your continuing saga with the school. Hopefully he can pull it together and you won't get another call today.
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    I just email the aide who works in his class and he usually takes over when his teacher isn't there. And he knows Willy behaviors as well. I had ask him how his day is going hope to hear from him soon. Since it has been 2 hours now and no phone call I assume it is better.
    We mom's have to stand firm on this or otherwise our kids would win the battle!
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    I totally agree about letting stay at school and working it out. Good for you for staying strong.

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    Kids just got home. Willy in a good mood! Comments were somewhat out of it talk with mom and came back and did a nice job. Did really well worked well with a classmate during social studies. He got all 10's and in language arts he got 20 said great job needed very little help and finish during class.

    Now Marie she got a 8 in club didn't stop making noises, when asked, interrupting. Writing not wearting glasses talking not working got a 6. Art she got a 9 rude to classmate.

    I don't get it why they want to send him home when he got great scores today and even a 20! You mean a talk with me turn him around! His sister had the bad day again go figure!