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    For those not caught up on the situation, Stepto2 and her husband had a hearing today. Her husband was charged with contempt in regards to visitation. Onyxx has refused to visit her BM (known as the batcave), and because she has very, very, VERY good reasons for this, Step and her husband have not forced her. Batcave filed a contempt charge and the hearing was today.

    Onyxx DID testify but apparently it only took a few minutes. For whatever reason, the judge apparently didn't feel that Onyxx was believable or had his own agenda because.....

    Step's husband is now in JAIL for three days. :grrr: :919Mad:

    She called me on her way home from the courthouse and is just livid. (and not surprised, unfortunately) She asked me to update everyone. She'll post later as she has to take husband's medications to the jail and find a way to get his car from the courthouse. She went straight from work and they took him to jail from court so his car is still there. Once they get those things taken care of though, she said she is taking Onyxx straight to the tv station to talk to a reporter. (This is a family decision and Onyxx is raring to go)

    If I hear anything more, I'll update. Otherwise, Step will be here later to post.
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    I am assuming that this is the same judge who has an axe to grind against Step's husband? The same judge whom husband's father SUED? Who should have recused himself RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING??!!

    I have words, LOTS of words to describe how livid I am to hear this, but the board censors would get me.

    Glad to hear that Onyxx and Step are going straight to the media. This is UNACCEPTABLE! I hope they burn up the airwaves.

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    Step to 2, you go warrior Mom!!! I've delt with those courts in the past and they are a PITA, although I have no clue if the judges are the same.

    Onyxx, sending hugs to you.

    Yup, yup. Behind you 110 percent. Saying prayers, doing nekked chicken dance (I'm ignoring the rain), sending good ju ju.

    This is sooooooooo ridiculous!!! Infuriating!!!

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    Yep, same judge. I was just speechless when Step called me. I sputtered and stammered and she just sighed and agreed with me.
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    Sounds like an appeal is in order on grounds that the judge should have recused himself.
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    Unbelievable. ::shaking fist::


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    Seems there are more deserving people who should take up space in the jail besides a father protecting his child.

    I'm sorry for your family, Step.
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    How old is Onyxx? My son was 15 when I got divorced ... his father was only supposed to get to see him one day every other week, usually on a Saturday. But my divorce decree stated that visitation was FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CHILD. I think that's pretty well standard language for visitation when the child is a teenager. It meant that HE has a right to see his father, not that HIS FATHER has that much of a right to see him! My son could choose to see or not to see his father - his choice - and it could not be held against ME. It's not like he was a small child and I was physically keeping him from visiting his father ... it was HIS choice, and most of the time he chose not to see his dad. The ex tried to holler and scream and accuse me of things but then his lawyer apparently had him read the divorce decree and he finally shut up. I don't think anyone usually FORCES a teenager into visitation that they do not want.

    This language is in a lot of divorce decrees ... you might want to check your husband's divorce papers to see how it reads.
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    Sitting here shaking my head in disgust yet again for the system that fails so many many of us. Sending hugs to Step and family and I can't say what I am sending to that awful judge.
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    Thank you guys... It's been a bit of a trial today.

    To start from the beginning, I went to work. husband got up and went to the mall to get Onyxx plain black pantyhose and some clear studs for her lip rings - she wanted the judge to see that she is making an attempt to respect the court.

    So I left work at noon to drive straight to the courthouse since it's 30 minutes from work . I get halfway there - on a road that has no right turns available - when husband calls. THE TRUCK WON'T START.


    So I get turned to go back home (25 minutes from where I was, and it was now 12:20), call father in law and ask where he is. 5 minutes from husband. He goes & gets husband and drops him at mother in law's. mother in law takes charge of Jett and gives husband her car keys. He gets Onyxx from home (3 minutes from mother in law's), and calls me when I am - no joke - 5 minutes from home. I turn and head back to the courthouse. I get there at 1:05 - husband and Onyxx about 1:10.

    The lawyer talks to husband for a few minutes, then brings me in. He says if we just agree, it will be the 3 days that have been suspended from before and maybe 10 more, suspended, but if we go through with a hearing it will probably be 63 days. (60 + the 3). husband and my response? HEARING!!! Lawyer brings in Onyxx and asks if she will testify in front of her mother - because judge will NOT talk to her in chambers. WHAT THE---???!!!

    Onyxx, of course, is hyped. "YES!"

    So husband and lawyer go into courtroom. 20 minutes... Lawyer comes out & gets Onyxx. I have to pee but wait 'cause I'm too nervous. Onyxx was in there only a few minutes. They asked her if we encouraged them to go, if she had seen the batcave since last court, why she didn't want to go, if creep was the only reason (and she said NO, she was tired of the emotional and verbal and physical abuse), if Jett visits without Onyxx (he does). About 5 minutes. About 5 minutes after she came back, lawyer comes back in with husband's briefcase and says that they took him from the courtroom. Lawyer tried to get it set up so that husband could go on days he was not at work and the judge said he wasn't impressed with that.

    I keep having to censor myself. And those of you who met me know I don't curse that much!

    Called Mom & Dad, then mother in law, father in law, Stang, my best friends (2 people), and about 10 different numbers to get husband's boss. Fortunately she knew it might happen. However this could mess up his security clearance! And it's still early days on the job. Also, they are reinvestigating most of my office and I'm on the list - since he is my husband, it may mess up my clearance. If he loses his job - or I do (not likely) - #$%^&*()

    Dad came up & got me, we took husband's medications to him at the jail (5 bottles, I emptied out all but 3 days' worth), then to the courthouse (domestic relations is in a different place from the criminal court), got mother in law's car, back to mother in law's, drop car, get Jett, back home. Mom offered to bring up dinner, but I think it's best if I treat this as any other evening when husband is at work.

    Onyxx did talk to Jett. Now he is afraid to visit the batcave - I have no idea what she said to him... Sigh. However I didn't have to! Anyway, I told him she wouldn't hurt him, and if she DID, to call 911. Immediately.

    Also lawyer says she must return Jett to me tomorrow night. If she keeps him - !!!!!

    Mom & Dad are talking to lawyer about civil suit. Against batcave and against the county/state/whatever.

    Same judge. This guy is toast when we get to the news.

    Well I'm going to go start dinner and get together all the documentation I can find for the news. I'm so angry right now... ARR! I bet coming from a 14-y/o and stepmom it will be much better than from husband himself. We're female!

    Also, thank you guys. All of you. I'm holding it together because you all are here.
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    Probably, but be cautious with any wording. Remember, this is the press. They can work for you or against you. Be careful not to give them anything to be able to work against you.

    I'm am sooooo livid right now husband is giving me odd looks. Don't worry, I'm doing enough swearing for both of us!!

    OMG this is soooo very ludicrous it's not funny. grrrrrr
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    I just posted on the other thread before I saw this.

    Sorry, family is here from out of state and I'm not able to check in as much as usual.

    I sure hope you get somewhere with the news. I really can't stand it when judges don't listen to everyone and think they know how to fix it all. You've gotten a real beaut there.
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    Step, I am so, so sorry. You know, I wish these judges would go after all the dead beat dads out there who don't even acknowledge they have children and leave those alone who are doing what is best for their child. Please be careful, now that bat has a upper hand, she will be on a powertrip----and that could be dangerous.
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    I really don't know much about the courts, but there are people you can complain to (in addition to the media) - whatever court is above the one with this judge! There was a judge here who was removed from his position because of boneheaded rulings like this one!

    Is there one of your local TV stations that has a particularly aggressive investigative reporter? If there is, that's who I would call first. And you never know ... if he did this to your husband, he may have done the same things to other families. If the story is aired, there may be more people coming forward who have had similar things done to them in this idiots courtroom!

    This just infuriates me! Sending lots and lots of hugs.
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    NO KIDDING! Thank you, EW, and the same goes for the others in the stupid system dealing with the kids and families, like DSS and court services unit.
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    Wow...I'm so sorry. Sounds like the judge didn't even listen. Glad Onyxx is a tough cookie and rarin' to go on with this. Hugs for you both.
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    This is just so awful! I am so very sorry! I bet the kids are beating themselves up on some level because if visitation had gone as ordered he wouldn't be in jail. Make SURE you and their therapist (or whomever) talk to them about this. Because it totally is not their fault.

    This judge NEEDS to be sued. Not recusing himself in this case should be criminal. If nothing else, the judge is actively placing a minor in harm's way.

    I hope the news takes this and goes running with it. I can't help but wonder how many other families have been worked over by this judge?

    Sending hugs to you and husband and the kids. I agree with the person wondering why they mess with this and not with the dads who don't pay child support.

    Many hugs.
  20. Star*

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    This really has gone on LONG enough. You need to call someone in Columbus in the highest Ohio Civil court (brain not working for the technical term tonight) and talk to a higher up. There is a 1-800 number for each district and you need to get on the phone and find out who is over this clown. I'm all for the media getting involved, but do not be surprised if they wont.

    I'm very proud of Onyx. It took a lot of courage and moxy to go in there and stand before her Mother and a court full of people and tell her side of the story at her age or any age. It's an absolute shame that at her age she has to worry about garbage like this. She should be worrying about things like hair color and matching outfits - not what a total circus her Mother has made of herself. Poor Jett - Just makes my head boil.

    S22 - Now I know why you have red hair - saves you from setting it on fire and having it FLAME that color....dang it.

    Hugs & Love