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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by loricbme, Oct 4, 2007.

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    Today I received the second phone call from difficult child's teacher. Plus, I've been to the school to have a discussion as well. It helps me to know that the teacher knows I'm being proactive and trying to get help for difficult child. It's just so draining all the time. I know you all know the feeling. I've taken her to a new psychologist twice in the past two weeks and go again next week just me. I've also got her set up to see a psychiatrist at a university clinic in January. I know the psychologist doesn't fully understand her but when she asked me if I thought difficult child was spoiled I looked her straight in the eye and told her we were not having that conversation. That I am not going to accept being blamed any longer. She got the point. My phone call today was about physical aggression on the part of difficult child. She grabbed and pinched a classmate yesterday and after talking to the teacher about not doing it, she did it again!!! HELLO?!?!?!? I don't get it, but this is her. And she did it again today to another classmate. The thing is too, my difficult child is a big girl. probably 8 inches taller than most girls in her class and she is strong. She is already not very well liked. She has no close friends. I know some of you have said it's taken years to get a proper diagnosis. How do you cope in the meantime? We're going camping this weekend and part of me does not look forward to it. Words of wisdom? Encouragement? Recipe for hot mama juice? (actually, I already have a good one) :wink:

    The only person I talk to who seems to really get it is my therapist. Thank God for her.
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    I am sorry. I know this is hard. IT helps that the teacher can see you as being proactive.

    I am glad you flat out told the therapist that you were NOT going to have the spoiled child talk.

    Good luck camping.



    ps. no fair bagging on the hot mama juice, share the recipe!!
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    I'm so sorry! I know how hard it is when you're just dealing with the day to day drama and you don't have an answer yet. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. You are on the right train tracks.

    Pack some rum and diet coke for camping. Nyquil or Benedryl will do the trick for difficult child. LOL

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    My HMJ is black cherry rum with-diet sprite. OMG! So good! Never thought of the benadryl... hmmm... I think you're on to something.

    All stressed out, you are so right about the day to day drama. I just feel so alone in all of this.

    My husband works away a lot and it has been brought to my attention 3 times in the past week that difficult child could be acting out against me because of her anger and frustration of him not being around for her. Let me just add, that this is not a new theory but 3 times in a week by different people is curious. I have to be so gentle when approaching husband with the subject. He gets SOOOO defensive as if I'm telling him that he's a bad dad. I've been telling him for years that he needs to step it up and make his time at home with her count. I am truly afraid it will be too late before he gets it. Tonight difficult child has gymnastics. I have a major tooth issue that causes me pain and headaches till I can get it worked on in 2 weeks. husband is home and said he wanted to go to gymnastics class... the first time! So I told him that I preferred to not go this week since my tooth and head hurts. He had a hissy fit. After he showered he came out and said that I didn't have to go if I REALLY didn't want to. Ugh. Hello? A little caring and compassion would be nice here. Like I'm trying to make his life miserable by not going. I just don't see what the big deal is. Take a little freaking initiative, alright?

    Oh my, more venting. If you read this, thanks and I really appreciate all of the support.