I knew it. Adrian P. is going to play. NFL doesn't care about...

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    domestic violence or child abuse. It's just talk...I have no idea why. It almost makes me not want to watch my favorite sport anymore, but I realize that's kind of silly since most players are not like that.

    I have to wonder about these athlete kids who were given a ton of money, sent to college because they can play football, have degrees, yet still seem to not know how to behave. If anyone else other than Adrian Peterson had that kind of evidence on him for child abuse, there would be serious trouble, including loss of ability to visit the child without supervision. And he'd face shame in the community. Even in prison they pick on inmates who commit crimes against children.

    I guess our society worships athletes so much that they can do anything and, as long as they have good skills, they remain heroes to us. Ironically to me, Pete Rose, who played baseball and gambled, is banned from the Hall of Fame. Although what he did was no small potatoes, he didn't physically harm anybody. Yet he was punished.

    Anyhow, this is more of a vent than anything else. It makes me question our values here in the US. Some kinky politician tweets his willie to kids and has to resign. I agree with that. Some NFL superstar beats his child bloody and a doctor sees it and agrees it's abuse and many fans don't want him to be punished because he's a good athlete.

    To me, that's just weird. And wrong. Sorry for bringing this up again. As a football fan, this bothers me. And makes me less interested in football too.
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    I think you're off base here. Child abuse crosses all lines- regional, socioeconomic, education, race, religion, etc.

    If Adrian Peterson were a plumber or a banker or a bus driver- this would have gotten no publicity and he'd be going to work every day, business as usual. Maybe DCFS would be called and maybe they would investigate it. Maybe & more likely not.

    How many women have been assaulted by their partners in hotel elevators? I bet a great many have been caught on video surveillance and never reported.

    You seem to think Peterson & Rice are fretting away with it BC they are NFL players. I beg to differ. Thousands of abusers get away with it precisely because they aren't famous and nobody gives a darn if an unknown nobody knocks around his wife or kid unless or until the wife or kid dies as a result.
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    I know. I don't disagree. But nobody cares if the plumber is prosecuted or not.
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    Then why do we really care here? I think they are going to suffer in other ways which are probably worse to them. Endorsement deals will be pulled. They wont be able to demand the high salaries anymore because people at large wont want them which means teams wont want them. Vick can never leave Philly because no one else wants him. The only reason he got drafted by Philly was the coach had a soft spot for felons.
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    Vick plays for the Jets
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    I just realized he wasnt with Philly anymore today when they named their entire quarterback roster and he wasnt there.

    I was hoping he got rousted out too. I think he should be. If they are going back and punishing players for prior deeds then Vick needs to go too. Personally I think beating kids and what he did to dogs...killing, fighting and electrocuting them...is worse than beating a grown woman. A grown up can leave but kids and animals cant.
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    I agree he'll never make the money he would have, forget endorsements for any of these guys. They beat themselves out of millions. Someone posted on my Facebook page just today a laundry list of crimes people did from drunk driving to way worse and the amount of people who commited these crimes, it said guess where these people are from...NBA or NFL. The answer was neither...all members of congress. People who are role models should be held to a higher standard like policeman and teachers and athlete's. We had a vice principal a few years back who got a job at a neighboring school district as a superintendent, when she left and turned over the PTA books, it was found she stole 10 thousand dollars. Imagine! She had to sell her house and work as a hostess at Applebee's. Losing your reputation seems way worse than the money.
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    Janet, as a dog lover, you can only imagine how I feel about Vick. And I don't think we can differentiate between horrible deeds. Bad is bad in my opinion. But it's true that both children and animals can NOT leave. An adult woman may not feel safe leaving or FEEL she can leave, but she does have the ability to try leaving and going for help, something children and animals can not do.
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    I think I hate Vick so badly because I know info that some of the public doesnt know...or maybe they do now but I learned details early on about what went on. Most of it happened on his estate in VA and I have my inside scoop there.
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    So MWM, who's your team? Bears or Packers?

    Not much into football myself, but everyone around me is, it seems.
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    inadaze, I'm Packers all the way :)