I KNOW there is info on Lithium, but~~


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I can't find it. I know that I remember correctly and some of your children take Lithium. Well, difficult child is going to start taking it as soon as the mail order arrives (I hate mail order).....and I know nothing about it. We've tried EVEDRYTHING to help make a difference and nothing, NOTHING works....so the doctor has put him on Lithium. The only mood stabilizer he ever took was Depakote and he had a horrible reaction to it. The doctor is weaning him off Geodon (that replaced his Risperdal) because it seems to not do a thing. Please, someone enlighten me....


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Dylan is on Lithium Carbonate, 900 mg daily.

Lithium requires blood draws. Usually around 5 days after starting the medication, then frequently until a theraputic level (.80 - 1.2) is reached.

Dylan is maintaining very, very well around .91 - 1.0. We tried to lower him some, and around .65 he did not do well at all.

Some things to watch for, shaky hands. Could lead to toxicity if he's given too much.

Make sure you give plenty of water to prevent dehydration, a side effect with Lithium.

You will probably see an increase in urination. Dylan's bedwetting problem increased when he started taking this.

Weigh the good with the bad. The Lithium completely squashed ALL rages. I'll take the bedwetting and extra water over that.

Good luck, hope this helps.



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Oh Janna, thanks for the info. difficult child is SO angry all the time. His aggression comes and goes, but of course, the school tolerates NONE of it. I feel like I'm protecting my dogs all the time and this morning, he "pushed" me and he's not done that in years. Hopefully Lithium will help. I'm so nervous over giving him medications, but no doubt whatsoever that he needs them.


My son is also on Lithium. He, too was on Depakote , which was a great medication for him but he had to go off it due to elevated blood ammonia. We tried Trileptal ( did nothing but increase his impulsivity) and Lamictal ( works for alot of kids but did not help difficult child).

He's been on Lithium for a year and it has helped with irritabilty.

Janna has given you good links and the tips I would second. Definitely increased my son's thirst and daytime urination. He did gain some weight on this, too, but nothing dramatic.

Good luck with the roller coaster ride! Hope this is the medication that helps your son.


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Watch the thyroid too. Also dont increase or decrease any salt intake when on lithium. Lithium is a salt and if you mess with sodium you will throw off the lithium levels.

Its always good to have the thyroid checked after about 3 or 4 months on lithium to see how it is responding to the medication. Cory had to go on synthroid because he ended up low thyroid.


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Lithium has saved our life!!!!!!! It has been the ONLY medication that has really made a difference, so I hope it does the same for you guys. Definitely make sure your psychiatrist does consistent lithium levels and thyroid function, 2 main things to monitor. You will also notice a huge increase in thirst, which for us, has been the only major side effect. My difficult child needs major amounts of df liquid, probably about 2 liters a day, believe it or not. Also, since we are in Texas, in the summers I have to really watch him for dehydration. Last summer he got severly dehydrated, and we had to monitor it for a bit, and keep him out of the sun. Overall, out of all the medications he has tried, this one has been the one that has curbed all manic episdes, and quelled the anger. His level stays about 1.00 which is the therapauetic level that works best for most. Oh, I forgot - Also make sure that he uses the time release tablets!!!!! Ask your psychiatrist about them - they are new - but well worth the xtra money. We got only minimal effectiveness from regular Lithium, it was the time release where I saw the major benefit. Good luck!


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sequoia, thanks for your input. We also live in Tx and my difficult child already drinks more than anyone I've ever known. I know it's really good for him anyway. Thanks for letting me know about the dehydration aspect. He places baseball, so I'll have to keep an eye on him.