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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by klmno, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Yeah, it could all change tomorrow- especially with the way my life has gone the past few years and having a seemingly very fickle and moody new boss. But so far, I like living in this neighborhood (assuming the pest control guy makes it over here soon). We had a beautiful day today so I took some photos of the dogs in the yard, the house, and the view of the water at the end of the street. I can't figure out what that body of water is called in that location though. Anyway, I will get the photos printed and send one or two a month to difficult child.

    There is a walking path along the water where a lot of people walk their dogs. Mine will love that but I want to trim their nails this weekend then take them. There's also a little memorial set up with a bell to ring, benches, and names in the brick pavement there too. It is in memory of those who battled cancer and the specific person it was started for died of breast cancer. There is a sign up calling it "The Reflections Path". I find that ironic since mine and difficult child's life first started falling apart when breast cancer hit our lives indirectly and I had a bad mammo leading to three mos of fear about it about the same time. That was the beginning of the end of life as we knew it.

    I so hope that this job lasts the year instead of just three months and that all these bits and pieces and references nearby that represent previous stages in my life somehow lead me back to finding my true self, in a better place. I really believe that can happen. Not that I can ever go back, but just come full circle and go on to be a better person with all this put together instead of leaving myself behind. Every phase of my life since I got out of high school is represented here around me.

    I honestly hope that difficult child can do that too and that if I am "transforming" that it will help him indirectly.

    OK, enough mushiness! LOL!
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    Good for you klmno...I hope you find that place, you've struggled for so long. Sounds like you found great surroundings, a renewal of some sort. You deserve a fresh start and a new perspective can do wonders I'd imagine (sometimes wouldn't mind one myself). I hope the job pans out for you and your boss settles down too!
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    So glad to hear you like it! :)
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    Thank you! I am barely drinking or have desire to, smoking a lot less since I can't/don't smoke during working hours (but I get 2-3 at lunch time), and don't have any trouble sleeping unless I get worried about being unemployed again in three mos. I'm exhausted by the time 9:00pm rolls around, but I get up between 5:00-6:00 am. It feels so good to be productive and feel useful again. I have gaols I want to accomplish over the next year- for myself as much as for difficult child. It feels so good to walk into work and have others chat on the elevator and to walk down the street in my neighborhood and have people smile and say hello. I haven't had that in so long. The house has no holes in the wallls and the doors look and work normally.

    I still have a startle reflex but it's getting better. I wonder what happens if a difficult child hits a wall with plaster on it instead of gypsum board that caves and leaves a hole. Will it crumble or will the kid feel like he hit a block wall?
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    Great update! :D
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    I"m soo glad to hear you like it!!! :)

    good for you. truly.
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    Water? Ok...now Im really curious.
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    It sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you're settling in.
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    What an "up" post!! :D It sounds like the settling process is kicking in and there are lots of pleasant real world things to focus on. I couldn't be happier for you. DDD
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    Thanks all! Someone brought in some food to share today so I just ran home at lunch time to let the dogs out and smoke a cig. Boss seems to be acting like a normal being since his trip. He's decided again that he does in fact want me to take a trip in a few weeks. I can deal with some moodiness if it turns out that he's really not the type who'll come in and fire somebody over something most wouldn't have more than a minor concern about. Still, I can enjoy the rest of life in the meantime, right?
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    You bet! :thumbsup:

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    LOL! That food was so good! Phillipine- brought in just before regular lunch time so most of us ate a little, went back for a little more, then ran an errand at normal lunch time.

    Now I'm ready to eat, drink and be merry but since I haven't gotten a payday yet and more importantly, I have absolutely no energy left, I think it's going to be a couple of beers at home, leftovers in the frdge (well, a salad, garlic toast and something else I'll decide on), and the "merry" will be a good night's sleep without having to set the clock. That's ok- who was it that said she'd rather be exhausted because things are going well than to have energy but be miserable, or something like that? That's how I feel.