I have an amazing granddaughter…


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Just spent all night texting with my granddaughter. She has such a good head on her shoulders and a heart filled with pure love.
And don’t worry yes she is doing her online schoolwork before she goes to sleep now.

She reminded me of a situation that happened in our home when she was 2 and her mom and dad and brother were living with us.

She had a fibril seizure and stopped breathing in the bathtub while her mom was giving her a bath. She says she felt no pain.
Here is what she said…and by the way I wasn’t there. I was at the casino sigh

Granddaughter said…
I had told Mom that I wasn't feeling well after she had asked me if I wanted to eat. She told me "okay. Do you want a bath instead?" I said yes and she took me upstairs and ran a lukewarm bath for me. She put me into the water and all of a sudden I stopped breathing. (This next part mom told me about) I turned blue and fell face forward towards the water faucet. She had caught my forehead before I hit it and lifted me out of the bath screaming out for help before laying me down onto the ground outside of the bathroom. You all had ran upstairs and grandpa wanted to poke a hole into my neck to breathe for me. I think Dad had called an ambulance. The rest of the story mom had told me I don't remember but here's the parts I do remember next. I had woken up in the back of the ambulance and told Mom that I wanted to go home. She said, "Your grandma's house?" I said "No." She said, "Your great grandma's house?" I said, "No mom it's black and yellow!" And I remember exactly what I was talking about.

when I had stopped breathing everything went black for a few seconds before a bright yellow light shined down and I felt my body go upwards. The next thing I remember I was standing on something that was light and fluffy looking which I believe was a cloud with a man in front of me with long brown hair and a white robe. He wasn't wearing any shoes either. Keep in mind I was 2 at the time and I don't think I knew much about God but I specifically remember that guy. He also had a bright golden yellow ish halo above his head. He took me hand and we went for a walk and talked. I remember I felt so at peace, I felt okay. I felt comforted. Him and I had a long conversation, I don't remember what it was about anymore but I used to know when I was little. What I do remember is that I wanted to live.

I said…
I'm glad you were comforted. That must be what your dad experienced too when he went to Heaven.

Granddaughter said…
I know it was, it was the most serene feeling you could ever imagine. I didn't feel anything whenever I stopped breathing.

I said…
Do you think the Angel or God might've told you what your life would be like and you still wanted to live? To make that choice?

Granddaughter said…
the peacefulness in it is something you could never imagine.
I think that's possible.
That thought has crossed my mind a few times
Like I chose to keep living this life despite anything that happens in it
a lot has happened in it.

Then I said…
Your dad told me more than once that God showed him what his life would be like before he was born and that he wanted to live anyway.

Granddaughter said…
My dad was a special person, he was better than anybody I had ever known. I was such a daddy's girl you wouldn't ever know
I loved him with my whole heart.

I said…
I know you were. He loved you with his whole heart and still does.

Granddaughter said…
every last bit of it. He had been there and never once showed how badly he was hurting. Never once gave us anything but his love.
He was a good and genuine human.

I said… Yes he was.
Remember...love is sacrificial to self , beneficial to others

Granddaughter said…I know that
I feel like the reason I'm here is to help others.

I said… Your dad did too. In his last years he evangelized the homeless community around him.
Many people were moved by your dad.

Granddaughter said…Yeah they were.

I said… And he tried to literally save people from knife attacks out there and stuff like that!

Granddaughter said…
I know that! he ran into a fire to save a lady before. He was a hero, in more ways than one.

I said…God used him to help others.

Isn’t she beautiful. She and my son. Such blessings from God. Both proof to me that God has a plan and purpose.

Heaven through a child’s eyes…


Let go and let God ❤️
🥹 how tragic for your granddaughter to have a seizure and not be able to breathe but yet, to experience life’s greatest moment. She remembers so much about her experience and understands with so much more clarity how heaven is for her Daddy, what a good man he was. God gave her the greatest gift that day, showing her true peace, thankfulness, an over abundance of pure love and joy. 🥰

May God continue to bless all of your family and each of us. ☁️🌈☁️

Big hugs! ❤️


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Yes NewLife4Me…

I’m so glad she has good memories of her dad. As you all know being a drug addict with mental illness he did have his bad moments.
But I just let granddaughter hold onto the way she remembers him.

I just know granddaughter is going to grow into being an awesome young lady someday. My biggest concern for her as that she doesn’t fall into the same enabling trap that she has experienced with her other grandmother, her mom’s mom. As all 5 kids and their mother live with the other grandma.
The other grandma could easily evict her daughter, the mom, and get CPS involved again to decide temporary guardianship. But she doesn’t. She stands down to her daughter even though she knows mom has been using drugs. It is her house and she does nothing but maintain the status quo.

But back to my granddaughter…I am concerned that she will grow up to feel responsible her brothers and sister’s situations when they are older. She already is used like a second mama in the house. And she is very much a caregiver.

Time will tell.
Ps…thank you KSM and KTmom. She really is such a blessing to me.
This made me weep, it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. Today has been a difficult day, thinking of my son's struggles with himself, to find peace.


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Addiction…I’m glad my granddaughters experience touched you. I’m so sorry to hear of your sadness though surrounding your son.
I pray there are better days ahead for both you and him.

Hugs and love,