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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. timer lady

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    wm was over here yesterday for a visit & to mow the lawn for me. I had made a deal with him ~ I'd pay him $15/week to mow the lawn & use the weed whacker.

    Yesterday was incredibly hot ~ far too dangerous to be working outside. The heat index was 118 degrees. Wicked summer heat. wm blew a gasket because he wanted money. He then informed I would be paying him per hours.

    I nixed that idea as we had made a deal. His obsession with getting the yard work done didn't end when he walked out my door with his therapist.

    He informed therapist, 2 of his staff people & foster mum that he was going to defy me & foster mum & come out today to do the work & collect "his" money.

    I have to love tweedle dum's transparency. He gives away all his plots, plans & ideas for all things foul. wm is such a goof sometimes.
  2. Andy

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    Atleast he was still willing to do the work to get the $$$. Some kids would demand that because the weather is preventing the job to be done doesn't mean you can not still pay for it. :O
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    TL, that sounds like something my difficult child would do. He would not care who he said it to, would say it to the police, psychiatrist, therapist, anyone
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    Could some type of inside work be found for him when it's too hot? Maybe volunteer stuff he could do somewhere instead of yard work if you're just looking to encourage him to do work for his spending money.
  5. SRL

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    That's really handy, Linda. Just like when my oldest was two and would keep up a running dialogue to himself of whatever he was doing in the other room.