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    and it's a good thing I did. The psychiatric/counselor we were seeing every 2 weeks is gone on a 4-week vacation (must be nice, huh). And the other (Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)) - well, we're having a difficult time getting things straight. Two weeks ago, I got lost trying to find the Y camp difficult child was at because he was actually transported to and there by the Y, so I botched it and missed the appointment. The therapist scheduled one for last week to make up for it (we see him in the alternate weeks.) So, we get there on time and he says he made a scheduling error. He said he wouldn't charge me, but we'd have to wait until he saw a couple, then he would see us for a short period. We waited 45 mins and he saw us 20 mins.

    Then, we had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow. I get home today and he has left a message- he has a scheduling error tomorrow, can we come in at 10:00 tomorrow or 4:00 on Wed. Well, I can't do either. If difficult child has an appointment at 10:00, I have to keep him out of this day camp the whole day and I can't do that- I had to do it last week because he was sick and had an appointment with psychiatrist. I have a job, you know. And 4:00 on Wed- I doubt difficult child would be back from his field trip in time to make that one, but it doesn't matter- I can't make it because I have an appointment with the psychiatric intern- HA! I left a voice mail for him that we'd have to make it next week because I can't make either of those times. (I left out the "HA" LOL!)

    I'm sure the PO will/would say, "but the judge ordered difficult child to go to counseling and if this is what therapist suggests, you have to take difficult child". But, thank goodness, the judge removed reference to any particular therapist or psychiatrist's name in the court order so I can change. The order does say that difficult child has to go until his therapist releases him. I hope that doesn't mean he's on probation that long- that could take years. And so far, it doesn't appear that any of these legal people have figured out that tdocs and psychiatrists are not gods of magic that can cure difficult child or that any therapist is likely to EVER say that difficult child doesn't need any more counseling. Shoot, even when I knew I was done with it- no therapist ever told me that I never needed counseling again. If they ever did say that, it would be because insurance would no longer cover it.

    It is a money-making thing with tdocs- it is a business. When difficult child's individual counselor figured out he was in over his head last year and told difficult child that "a little bit of drugs and alcohol won't hurt you" about the same time that the GAL asked for a letter for the judge, that therapist suddenly had no more openings at any time I could get there. The current Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) started out telling me he would work with me on scheduling times, and he said it would be best to meet every two weeks because of the nature of the therapy- he didn't want to overwhelm difficult child. Last session, he tells me when school starts, let's meet every week. I shook my head "no" (because I know we'll be alternating with anither todc if we're still seeing this one at all). He says "yes" we need to for therapy. Well, if we were actually doing any therapy- or if difficult child was alone, maybe I can see needing to change something. But it appears to me, this has something to do with him keeping clientale scheduled the way he wants them.

    Shoot, if he can't keep from making a scheduling error two weeks straight, how can we plan to be there every week? And I've noticed that here at least, these Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)'s sure seem to be awful authoritative and unprofessional.

    I guess that's my vent for the day!!
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    Wow! A well deserved rant! Don't you LOVE that they can have a "scheduling error" but you're considered a "ne'er do well" if something happens that screws up the timing?

    this guy sounds like the Nutty Professor!

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    Oh gotta love this....I'm sorry. Valid vent, tho. Good for you to see a new guy. Hope it goes well.

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    Yikes! I hope the new therapist works out!
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    Sometimes these things turn out to be blessings... this new guy might really turn out to be helpful. Hugs, ML
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    Thanks everyone! I'm just praying that we can find someone who can look beyond difficult child's legal trouble and the traditional behavior contract and work with us on the things the MDE psychiatric suggested- which is where we started 2 1/2 years ago, but I am becoming disillusioned in the meantime. His issues aren't that difficult. Any competent therapist should be able to deal with them. It seems that once a kid is involved in Department of Juvenile Justice, it's a whole new ballgame, unfortunately.