I Need Problem Solving Help With Jess


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Right now Jess seems to be having more trouble with remembering things. I am not sure if it is seizures or forgetfulness. It is more like what we saw before she was on seizure medications, but some of it seems more like forgetfulness.

Most of it would not be a big deal. The part I have a HUGE issue with is leaving food out. She seems to honestly think she has put the food away, but she hasn't. This is the 2nd time in a week I have found eggs that were left out for more than 24 hours. Of course she pays to replace them. The food waste really bothers both of us. I had a migraine both days that hit suddenly and simply couldn't check the kitchen to see if food was put up. It was all I could do to drive her to work and pick her up from work.

Asking my husband to put food away or remind her to put food away doesn't work. I really don't think he sees the food sitting out, odd as that seems. He is so focused on what is going on in his head and what he is doing that there is no room for other things. He is an intensely creative person with way too much going on in his head for a lot of reality to register with him. I knew this when I married him, and have to adjust. He does what he can, but he won't be much help with this issue.

Any and all ideas are VERY welcome! I don't want to punish Jess because I honestly don't think she is doing this on purpose. I think she needs help to stop this rather than punishment.

Thank you so very very much!


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If she has a cell phone set a regular alarm reminder to check for good left out. That way it will prevent the spoilage of food. It may then become a practice that she does automatically after a period of time.

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Never thought to use her cell phone. That might actually work. Part of the problem is that she cooks late at night. The cell phone is great!! Thank you so much!!

It is nice to know I am not the only one with a husband like that. He can drive me nuts with just being not able to see things. But I love his imagination. It is a trade off I have learned to live with mostly, and learned to annoy him into modifying a small amount when I couldn't life with it.

I recently saw my husband on drugs for the first time. They gave him versed for a medical procedure. He thought he was hooked into the internet. That he could surf the internet without a computer. It was highly entertaining. I wish I had video of it. Of course my husband would have put it on youtube by now, lol.


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Is she on anti seizure medications!? They are famous for causing odd memory issues.
I'm on Topamax for migraines. Some docs call it "Dopamax."
I have found a product from the health food store called PS 100 very helpful.
I also have a timer in several rooms in the house. If I absolutely need to remember something, I'll set at least one timer in the room I'm primarily in at the time (office, kitchen etc) AND my cell phone. This way I'll be sure to hear it and remember.


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Susie you are a wealth of knowledge here for everyone so when I saw your post I had to do a double take! LOL

I have no suggestions but I wish that were my son's only problem. I'd gladly set my alarm for middle of the night food checks!

Just kidding, I know that would get old fast.

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I am your husband Susie o_O I have multiple projects going and am at different stages in each one.
I have to write notes to myself all the time to keep on track.
I think the cell phone reminder for your daughter is a good one.
I hate food waste, too, and food left out is a no-no living in a jungle with aaaack, rats wanting to get in to the house.

How about putting a reminder on the fridge and counter?