i realized today i sooo need health insurance

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    i really do need it. there is something here in new york i can apply for until i finally find hopefully a ft job with benfits again. yet right now there is absolutely nothing out there.

    i have vision problems. i found out back in april that i needed glasses. i'm far and near sighted. i was still working at the time. yet what had occured wasn't anything having to do wtih the vision. i got off the lirr and i went totally blurry, i also tripped before that happened my ankle gave out on me (this has happened quite alot before).

    anyhow i've been blurry now for the past day or so. it started yesterday it gets soo bad at times i can make out figures i dont' go totally black but i can't do any detail. it comes in waves, i'll be fine for a while than suddenly the vision thing will hit and i'll be aching and kinda dragging my body also and i experience virtigo as well.

    I went to dr. mos ago my white blood cell count was up, we ran more tests he thought inititally luekemia, yet now he believes it to be ms.

    there are shots for this i beleive i have discussed it on the board before. Yet i think it's time now i go get insurance for myself, difficult child has already through ex and go to neuro guy to have them run the test.

    alrite i just wanted to share this. goes to show how i totally don't take care of me, huh...?
  2. Jena

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    oh and another thing my bones really hurt if that makes any sense at all. i try warm baths but nothing makes it go away. any ideas on how to make that away?? it's almost like a burning sensation under my skin or pressure
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    Burning sounds like nerve pain and when I figure out how to make it go away, I'll let you know.

    There isn't a single diagnostic test for MS. There are several tests that are done and they look at that plus medical history, history of symptoms, etc.
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    LOL. Thanks!! If I come up with a way to make it go away I in turn will share with you. How are you feeling by the way? When is 2nd neuro set up for??

    My Dr. told me that they could do an MRI to see how many lesions are there.. hes convinced i have it. There could be worse things in life. I just need to jump on the wagon with the shots and stuff so i can slow it down if that is infact what's been going on with me. It comes and go in waves. It doesn't always feel that way. Finally ended by 2 a.m. last night and I got some rest. Today I feel better. It hit for 3 days I drove around like I was drunk half seeing the road (not that I ever drove drunk, you know what i mean). So insane!
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    I would hate to see you go thru what I went thru when I neglected my health insurance needs.

    I've had a couple of periods where I skated on really thin ice with regards to health coverage. Money was tight and everyone else was covered, kids and husband - so I gambled....and lost.

    I am insured now, but went thru a heart attack(4 yrs ago) and treatment for non hodgkins lymphoma(13 yrs ago) as an uninsured patient. It put us thousands in the hole and the bills were emotionally overwhelming and not without legal entanglements.

    I've since been treated 2 more times for the nhl(insured) and had very little out of pocket expenses to deal with.

    Maybe you can find a local resource hound or social worker to help you find coverage.
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    Jen! NYS has "Family Health Plus" which is a really great program. Call your local medicaid office to discuss with them. It will insure you and the kids. You'll have to show birth certificates, marriage/divorce papers, etc. Your boyfriend will probably have to sign a form stating that he is voluntarily supporting you and the kids.

    If you're showing "no income" they'll put it through medicaid.

    Here's the website:


    If you end up going through medicaid, you'll be able to have HIP as an option. Make sure that you talk to them so that you can pick and choose which health care coverage would be best for you. We initially went with Family Health Plus, but when we found out HIP was an option, we switched over to HIP because the dr.'s on the plan were closer by.

    Good luck!

  7. Jena

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    Chris - I'm sorry to hear what you had to go through, that is very scary. Isn't it amazing what happens to us when we don't have insurance..... yet when we have it nothing happens.

    Beth - Thanks! I went online today to get the form and downloaded to fill it out. MY insurance ran out since i left office. So, him and I are both floating without any. Soo not good.