I Simply CAN NOT catch a Break!!!

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    I have antibiotics for the jaw/tooth.....of course nothing can be done until the infection is gone........so yeah.....still hurting, thumping have not noticed much improvement yet. Survived the mandatory day of class on monday.......not sure how, but I did it.....medicated a bit over the top. ugh :tongue:

    Now last night I get an email from the instructor who was such a *itch last week.......the one I was venting about......... Which I've been dreading because quite frankly I am not better.......and was supposed to make up last friday this week. Which meant 3 days in a row with her. omg

    Oh and spoke with the other students about friday......and she'd done it again to another student........the one who baled on me thurs and didn't show up. Same exact thing.

    So......... I open the email. I had to read it twice. She said that she'd thought about it and was sure my problem last thursday must have been because I was not feeling well and that she was sure I'd do just fine this week. She wanted to know how I was feeling and let me know I wasn't going to have to make up the lost day.

    Talk about an abrupt about face. But was tired and hurting and didn't respond.

    Now some back ground on the next part. I am swamped with extra projects this quarter on top of normal work. Not to mention I started off the quarter running easy child to labor and delivery every time I turned around....which put me behind. Spare time is not something I have much of....and when I do, I just want to take a breather and hide from the world.

    So. Last week we get a call from the nursing home at 7am. mother in law has been vomiting alot and it has some blood in it, but she is refusing to go to the hospital for treatment. They wanted me to come talk her into going to the ER. Now mother in law is still with it.......so I told them no was her choice to make. I told husband when he got up that he needed to go check on his Mom. I was in horrible pain and was attempting to do school work when I couldn't even think straight. No shape to go visit his Mom. No time either. You'd have thought I asked the man to walk out in front of a car!!:mad: He mumbled some lame excuse about her only really wanting to see me and wandered off. I went back to the books. When I'm doing that.....well time just gets away from me.

    I kept nagging, he kept coming up with excuses. I gave up. We received no more calls from the nursing home so I assumed it must have resolved and she was doing ok. I mean they call me for nearly every darn little thing.......But just in case...I kept a close eye on the caller ID, kept my cell with me, and husband did keep his near him. No calls.

    husband tells me when I get home from school sick and in pain that sister in law called and wanted him to check on his Mom. He said he couldn't right then he had errands to run. (this man sits at home 24/7 doing NOTHING) But that he'd get to it when he could. WHAT??:mad: So, ok.....I'm dying at this point and exhausted and just plain sick.......I go up to bed.

    Today get a call from sister in law. mother in law is in the hospital. She's been there for 3 DAYS!! sister in law and husband's bro came all the way up from virginia........not because the nursing home called them but because mother in law's doctor called them!! They got here yesterday. Nursing home DID NOT call us!! Of course husband would have known had he bothered to go check on his mother. omg!!!!!!

    doctor had called them cuz mother in law has an upper bowel obstruction. She is much too old and fragile for surgery, not that she would agree to it anyway......nor would we. She even refused the treatment for the bowel obstruction that was to relieve some of the pressure.......doctor feels that she won't survive past the week......is why he made the call.:(:(

    So we contacted the kids and made a mad dash to the hospital.........although I had schoolwork to do. She's not in great shape. Deteriorating quickly. doctor believes she's only holding on because she's afraid. I think so too. We visited, got info from doctor and sister in law and husband's bro......

    So it was a good thing I had put off responding to the instructor. When I did I explained that as yet the antibiotic has not made much difference.....I can tolerate the pain as long as I'm not moving around. Moving around causes the thumping and dizziness. ugh But that I hoped by thurs it had enough time to work that I'd be better. Then informed her of mother in law's condition. Told her that I do not expect to miss days due to it.......but since she is not expected to live much longer.....well yeah. husband will fall apart.......and my kids will too. My kids were very close to mother in law, she was an amazing grandma. They saw her nearly everyday all the years they grew up.:(

    Told instructor that evidently someone above has decided to make my last few weeks of school a real challenge. Her reply was that for some unknown reason.....there are many students who find themselves facing crisis after crisis from the moment they enter school until the day they graduate. And that we'd figure out a solution to any days I needed to miss. Not to worry.

    Wow. Honestly, was afraid to put that part in there about mother in law......afraid she might think I was making it up or something......but yet afraid not to cuz I have no way of knowing what is going to happen when.........and Nichole could really go off the deep end this time...........and even though husband couldn't bring himself to visit his Mom reg when he had nothing better to do with his time........I know he's going to take this very very hard.:(

    And at some point in there.........I'm going to have to be allowed to greive because this woman took over as my mother figure where my grandmother left off. I don't just love her, I adore her. I know it's her time to go and I want her to go in peace..........but omg I don't know what I'm going to do without her strength and wisdom and patience to guide me.:sad:
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    Lisa, I know you're going to make it through----you've made it this far. I hope the antibiotics kick in and the you can get the tooth pulled or fixed---which ever they need to do---and I pray that mother in law passes quickly and gracefully with the dignity she deserves.
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    I don't even know what to say, Lisa. Sending hugs and prayers for you and your family.
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    Hugs. Hang in there, you can do it. Your family needs to realize that school is very hard for you while at the same time very important to you. They need to learn to function a bit more independently, but this is a heck of a time to start teaching them that.
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    I am so sorry to hear of mother in law being so ill. HUGS!

    Very glad instructor with a B is being much nicer to you.
  6. Shari

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    Her strength and wisdom and guidance will always be there. I promise.

    Knowing that others need me to be the strong one often helps me get thru a rough patch. Not that its exactly the healthiest way, but sometimes its what you've got. Perhaps it will help you, too, but don't forget to allow yourself your time when the others are safely back on their feet.

    I'm glad your instructor turned out to have a heart. I think sometimes maybe the ones like that do it on purpose, to weed out the rifraf early on. Maybe not, but sometimes I wonder. Regardless, I'm glad she's being accommodating.

    Sending prayers for healing for you and peace for all.

  7. hearts and roses

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    Aw, Lisa. Sending hugs and prayers. You will be okay, mother in law will always be with you. I pray she passes peacefully. I'm so sorry.
  8. Fran

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    Lisa, make sure the children and husband go NOW to say their good byes if the end is near. After the fact, isn't usually very comforting.