I still love my difficult child


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despite the permanent marker on my coffee table.
And despite the headache I have from her non-stop talking (she actually talked throughout her dentist appointment including a fluoride treatment).
Despite the crumbs I found in front of the sofa after reminding her for the umpteenth time that she can't eat in the living room.
Despite having to refold her chest of drawers.
Despite having to scrape glitter glue off the basement floor.
Despite the ants drawn to the mess she leaves after every meal.
Despite having to pick tissue off of wet laundry because she left a tissue in her pocket.
Despite the whiplash-like feeling I have in my neck from her screaming "Look Mommy" to point out a punch bug while I'm driving.
Despite her tossing cat kibble to the cat at the bottom of the stairs.

It's been a long long day, lol! :hammer:
Oh man.

This post made me bawl. I'm crying right now. All I do is complain about her or try to explain her behavior to others ALL DAY. When she finally goes to sleep, I look around the house, and yeah, it's the marker on the wall and the crumbs in the couch and the clothes thrown all over the room and nail polish on the carpet...and then I look at her, and I think that nobody could possibly love her as much as I do.

She is still my baby girl, and I love her.


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Some days it is a total wash out. Get a good night sleep and start fresh tomorrow.

I love my difficult child even though he got angry that I didn't think I should pay for his lunch at work. He is saving his money. :hammer:

It's the incessant talking that is what wears me down. It's like water erosion. One drop at a time they wear me down.

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What a long day! I hope today is a better one. I love how you wrote this-it's so true that we love them despite what they do.

Fran-I love the water erosion analogy!


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Drip, drip, drip...
I love her
Despite her very vocal insistence that a blanket in a heap is to be considered "folded".
Despite waking everyone at 5am by playing her musical instruments (mental note: place in the basement today!).
Despite the clawing she gave me when she grabbed hold of me when startled by thunder.

Ugh. It just goes on!

Hope today is off to a great start!!! :flower:

Talking through a flouride treatment - I don't even think difficult child 2 could manage that one!!! As Fran already said, the nonstop talking is what gets to me the most too!!! difficult child 2 NEVER STOPS!!! He "babbles" constantly. He talks about each little thing he does while doing it. For instance, he has to get the paper in the morning. He opens the back hall door, "Now I'm opening the door - I'm going to get the paper!!! I've got the paper!!! Do you want me to take it out of the plastic!!! Okay, I'm taking it out of the plastic now!!!, etc...,etc..., etc..., " All this before my first sip of:coffee:!!! Sometimes I just want to SCREAM :slap: :nonono: :hammer:!!!

Anyway, permanent marker on the coffee table is a tough one - Just think of it as a unique work of modern art... :thumb:

As I said already, I hope today is off to a great start!!! My best advice, Go for the :coffee:!!! WFEN


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> It's the incessant talking that is what wears me down. It's like water erosion. One drop at a time they wear me down. </div></div>

There are days when I wish I could just tie her lips together!


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AND..when your munchkin grows up you might add some ant-y stuff
like I still love him even

Despite the fact he moved out of his apartment in the middle of the night and left behind yet another two truck loads of furniture and household stuff (the 4th place I have furnished with stuff gathered up)
Despite the fact he was drinking shots and beers at the bar after work til someone gathered him up
Despite the fact he moved in with a strange alcoholic woman who lives with the "billy bob" family of brothers, dad and his young gal, and extended family
despite the fact his community service was due may 11, he had 9 mos to do it and did not get the paper signed
Despite the fact he will be in jail soon for not paying fines.

you get the drift. lol I will take the times he got into my makeup and put eyeliner on himself and everything else. also when he bit the cats tail,

whoops didnt mean to scare you!




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TM, please make note that next dentist office appointment you are to have the receptionist call you out of the room while difficult child is having her teeth done. It will not be your fault and you will be able to get 15 minutes of quiet time.

It is the small things that keep us going. I remember smiling while I read a magazine in the dentist office for the first time. It was great!


My first job in high school was working at a vet clinic. With the constant barking from the kennel and the lobby, the dot matrix printers running, the phones ringing and patients coming and going I got really, really good at tuning things out. So, the incessant chatter from difficult child doesn't bother me at all. :laugh: The kid even talks in her sleep. Although, she does tend to get upset when she realizes that I haven't heard a word she's said. And I have agreed to things a time or two without realizing... :hammer: