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    I'm not sure what made me think of this but it was just one of those things that just popped into my head yesterday. It made me laugh so hard I'm glad husband wasn't home or else he would have thought I had REALLY gone off the deep end.

    A little history first. Growing up, we had a dog named Bo. He was a big mutt of a dog, intelligent but yet stupid in his own lovable way. I'm not sure how old I was when I got him but he lived until at least a few years after I married husband and even beyond us getting difficult child. Anyway, one time when he was a pup...not a baby but not full grown, the neighbors came down the road on their horses. Bo was outside, the folks and I were inside the house. We had no idea the horses were out there until.....we heard the most Godawful dog scream followed by very loud, emphatic yelping. We rushed outside to find Bo hauling butt into the garage to cower (still yelping) under a chair. At first we thought that he had gotten stepped on by one of the horses but there was no blood or hoofprint on him anywhere. We looked to the neighbors on their horses for an explanation but it was all they could do to tell us through their near hysterical laughter that Bo was fine. Turns out, Bo spotted the horses (who were on the road...they didn't even come into our driveway or yard) and for whatever reason they freaked the hades out of him. That had to have been quite the sight....the folks and I laughing, the neighbors nearly falling off their horses laughing and this poor screaming dog cowering under a chair in the garage. We did manage to get him calmed down and comforted but that story is one that will set us off into hysterical, tears rolling, stomach hurting laughter to this day.

    Yesterday I was sitting at the computer and I'm not sure what I saw or read that made me think this but I had to wonder.

    Are there horses at the Rainbow Bridge? And if so, did Bo get there, take one look and do a canine version of slapping himself on the forehead?

    Maybe it's one of those things that you had to have been there to get but still....I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Plus, I could picture Bo sitting there looking at me with a "That's not EVEN funny" look on his face. I talked to my mom today. She's never heard of the Rainbow Bridge so I explained it to her, reminded her of the horse story and then said "I wonder if there are horses at the Rainbow Bridge". I think it was a good 7 minutes before she was able to stop laughing.
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    LOL....That is funny.

    I kind of have my own imaginary version of the rainbow bridge. Have you ever heard the the Marine Corps hymn and how at the end they say that the pearly gates are going to be guarded by the United States Marines? Well...I imagine that there are these gates...kind of like the main gate at Quantico but much more beautiful....and all these Marines in Dress Blues there...and while two of them are guarding the gates, the rest are chasing the animals around playing with them. Cause Im pretty sure Marines are going to Heaven and most love animals.