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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by SnowAngel, Apr 30, 2008.

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    My son has his IEP meeting next week. We are moving to a school district with a better Special Education dept.I dont want to screw up his IEP and not ask for things that might be provided in our new district.

    What can I ask for or should I ask for? My son is 10 and in 5th grade. He hates writing and prefers printing if he has to write. His current teacher doesn't make him participate as it usually sets him off.They are suggesting an emotional needs self contained class for him.Our new district has behavioral coaches.

    Any suggestions on what I should ask for? My son has severe ADHD,mood disorder and has some hand eye coordination issues.
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    The short answer is to ask for whatever he needs. If that includes Occupational Therapist (OT) for handwriting, behavior coach or 1:1 aide, etc.

    I believe there is a link to a sample bipolar IEP in the Sp Ed Archives. It might give you some answers regarding moods.

    When was difficult child last evaluated by the sd?
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    I would also look into asking for an assistive technology referral to see if there are any computer programs to assist him with his writing. I am a special education teacher/consultant and just got done working with a student with similar needs. We looked at the program, Dragon Naturally Speaking 9, which is a voice recognition program that works with any easy child. It is fantastic! It may or may not be appropriate for him, but it is worth a try!!! It is relatively inexpensive for the district to purchase - finding it on Amazon for around 160 dollars. I have had experience too with a student many years ago that was very resistive to writing. If you look at the types of accommodations that can help level that playing field in the regular education classroom, I just don't see the need for going to a behavioral focus classroom because of the writing only.
    Good luck to you in your new school!
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    My son was just evaluated by the sp ed dept. During our "does he qualify meeting" the school psychologist told me my son was on his way to becomming a sociopath. I was so upset. Thankfully there personal counselor was there(she also has a difficult child) she went straight to the director. I went one above him..straight to the Special Education rep for our county. She was shocked.

    I requested the testing in Aug 2007, yes I have proof in writing and dozens of e-mails pertaining to testing. I will check out the archives.
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    I don't know where you are located and tend to think it varies from state to state, but let's just say I have been less than impressed by the knowledge of our school psychologist and ed spec. In addition to there obvious lack of expertise in any of my son's issues, the school psychologist was only at one meeting- the meeting where "determination" took place and that was over 2 years ago. The ed spec has been to 2 meetings (ever)- one last August and one last week. There has been no other "specialist" from the school there in my son's 2 years + on an IEP. I guess they must be considering the Special Education person at school who acts as my difficult child's case manager as the "behavior specialist" or specialist who "understands how the disability effects learning". And, well, he doesn't propose or do anything other than the standard behavior modification plan that is supposed to be "one size fits all" for every kid classified as ED.

    I think you did the right things by going up the ladder- I would suggest keeping that line of communication open.