IEPs for Children with Behavior Problems



Question: Help! The school had my child with autism arrested. The charges were dismissed but I am afraid this will happen again. What can I do?

Answer: You are wise to think this may happen again. You need to write a letter and request that the IEP team meet to review and revise your child's IEP, in light of the behavior issues that led them to have him arrested. Your letter should include relevant information about your child's history and your concerns. (For more about this, read Preparing for IEP Meetings: Providing Information & Sharing Concerns)
But first, you need to learn what the law requires IEP teams to do when when children with disabilities have behavior problems.

The IDEA 2004 regulations and commentary to the regulations were published in August 2006. The law, federal regulations and commentary describe what IEP teams must do when a child's behavior "impedes the child's learning or the learning of other children."
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10 Tips: How to Use IDEA 2004 to Improve Education for Children with Disabilities - Parent attorney Wayne Steedman explains how IDEA 2004 creates a higher standard for a free, appropriate public education and how parents can use NCLB to obtain a better IEP for their children. Learn how to include research based methodology in the IEP and ensure how to that the IEP goals are comprehensive, specific -- and measurable. Wayne advises you about pitfalls to avoid and offers advice about how you can resolve disputes without resorting to a due process hearing - and what you should do if you cannot resolve your dispute.



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Thanks for posting this. I am wondering what kinds of positive behavioral supports others have found useful, particularly for very impulsive children who know what they should do, but find it hard to curb their impulses in the heat of the moment.