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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by katattak, Aug 3, 2011.

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    husband has been extremely crab by lately and very disrespectful to me. It started saturday. easy child's 2nd birthday party. husband did not help at all. He got oil changes on the cars (could have been done sunday), then was passed because I did not get easy child a gift. I said we could get him something on Sunday. I needed help getting set up for the party. Nope. He huffed and cussed and went and spent a fortune on easy child.

    When he got huffy and cussed today (over email and IM), I tried to pointing out it was likely stress from difficult child directed toward me. Nope.
    He is now staying elsewhere.

    Good thing difficult child is in inpatient treatment, but that will end Saturday. What will I do? I know this is all from stress induced by difficult child, but husband cannot speak to me how he was. Now I an alone with easy child, pets, and a fill time job.
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    ((((hugs)))) I don't have much background on your family and specifically the two of you, BUT I will advise to make sure you to start separating your finances if they aren't already.

    What will you do? You will manage to keep on keeping on. He might need some time to cool down and process his own stress. He might be thinking he can't continue with your difficult child and he's gonna bail. Who knows? Regardless of what happens, we're here for you.:notalone:
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    Good luck,

    difficult children are hard on marriages. I hope husband decides to get rid of his stress in a better way. Did husband stay with easy child while you worked or does easy child go to daycare? Two year olds can be lots of fun. Happy birthday to easy child!

    I have a hard husband as well. He is more difficult child than my difficult children sometimes. Keep me posted and I hope all goes well.
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    You may want to do a signature like I did below to give us an overview of the family. Is this his biological father? Has he been acting odd and angry about other things lately too? Did HE want to move out?

    Hang in there and keep us posted.
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    I would suggest you try to speak with husband. As much as possible, try not to get too emotional (yeah, I know: easier said than done). Before drawing any conclusion, you two need to talk about it. Try to be understanding and really listen. Sometimes, there is no need to comment, just listen. Maybe, that will be enough. If it's not enough, try to have him suggest some kind of solution. What could happen to make things better for him, what could happen to make things better for you. Myself, lately, have needed some alone time. Some stress free time. Would "tag parenting" be an option for you? You each take turn and give yourselves a break when the other parent is on duty.
    Would it be a possibility for you two to spend some time together with no kiddos? Sometimes, a couple needs to reconnect even if, at first, the idea is not all that appealing.
    Marriage require a lot of work and that is even more true when a difficult child is in the picture.
    Warm thoughts going your way.