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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Apr 17, 2008.

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    hospital stay for difficult child hadn't been such a joke I think we would be considering putting him back there today.

    He ended up at ISS this afternoon for hitting another student in line who had the nerve to be singing-yes that was difficult child's reasoning for hitting him-makes perfect sense-well difficult child sense I guess:dissapointed:!

    We decided to try and carpool today (even though husband was staying home sick-he drove-long reason why). Big mistake! By the time husband picked me up, difficult child had already been driving easy child crazy. According to husband, easy child hadn't done anything.

    Then easy child got mad and kicked him because he flipped her the finger. Of course, that is unacceptable and only gets difficult child going more.

    Then he starts getting mad at me because I wouldn't give him some candy unless he would ride home peacefully. He kicks my chair, pulls my hair.

    We finally get him redirected and are about three miles from the house when he starts bothering easy child again. This time he is getting unbuckled to go and punch her. I told husband to pull over and and difficult child got mad and violent with me.

    Finally I decided to drive and husband could watch/handle difficult child. difficult child even got mad at him.

    We were very close to calling the police. The only thing is if he ended up back in the hospital he would have the same psychiatrist he had this past time which was a disaster.

    By the time we made it home I had a major migraine.

    Mostly tonight he has been calm except at one point and then he threw a plastic plate at me.

    I left poor sick husband with difficult child and I went to the health club to get away from it all. I just feel like curling up and going to sleep. I'm tired of all the drama. I'm tired of the walking on eggshells. It's all so frustrating because we really bumped up his Loxapine a lot last week and it apparently hasn't helped much at all. I can't wait for the new program to start that will get us some respite and wraparound services.
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    I just want to offer HUGS- you really have had a bad day-

    It is odd but difficult child told me a couple of years ago that other kids who had "bad habits" at school just got on his nerves so bad he couldn't take it. (Like he had any right to complain about this LOL). But, it was true, inevitably, difficult child gets in trouble if he has to spend too much time around another student who taps the desk, talks too much, makes noises, etc. It did become apparent that difficult child can't just block it out like others do. I wonder if that could be going on with your child? Just a thought..
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    oh hon I am there with ya, <<<HUGS>>>

    Praying for some rest to come your way.

  4. Wiped Out

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    KLMNO-Thanks for the hugs. What you said makes sense. difficult child is one of the biggest desk tapper, constant talking, etc... and yet he doesn't seem to tolerate it well in others.

    Ianav-Thanks for the hugs and prayers.
  5. Shari

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    Hope today is better!

  6. LittleDudesMom

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    Well I'll join the "difficult child with annoying habits who doesn't tolerate them in others club"!!!!!

    Sharon, you just must be exhausted. And poor husband, all this on top of being so sick. I hope you get some services soon.

    Lots and lots of hugs.

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    Ugh, Sharon. Sounds just miserable. While husband has my sympathy, I'm glad you got out to the gym for you! ;)

    I sure do wish I knew where the "off" switch was on our kids. The way they just keep pushing and pushing and pushing... it's utterly exhausting.

    So... when does new program start???
  8. Wiped Out

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    Shari-Thanks-today was better somewhat. At least he didn't get in any trouble at school today!

    Sharon-Yep-exhaustion is a good way to put it! Thankfully husband is on the mend-I hope although his chest is still bothering him-don't know if maybe it turned into bronchitis? Thanks for the hugs!

    Sue-It was important for me to get out yesterday-I needed the escape if only for an hour. An off switch sure would be nice! I'm guessing the services will start around May 1st. They originally told us either April 1 or May 1.