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I have a ten year old child that tested 25 on the IG (not sure which test A,G, or E) for milk, in teens for wheat. nurse said it should be less than 2. He was extrememly allergic to cows milk as a baby, so I guess he hasn't outgrown the allergy, even though he no longer has the same physcial manifestations. Trying to get up my courage to eliminate milk. Wonder if I can get away with very small amounts? He is a picky eater, made worse by the fact that he is on stimulants, which really help help him. Aargh. Don't know what I will do. Maybe I should start on milk (he only eats a little yogurt, a little cheese, some icecream, doesn't drink milk, and then has some in prepared products) first, then move on to wheat. He's already sort of resistant to taking his medications, I can see this diet is going to over like a lead balloon. It would be much easier with a younger child.

The nurse suggested that taking pribiotics might help. Anyway have any experience with this? Are some brands better?

Anybody seen any luck with eliminating symptoms like irritability, depression, difficult focusing on work at school, etc?

Looking for some courage here!


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Hi Chris,

My son couldn't tolerate any amount of any of the foods he was allergic to. Eliminating the foods did get rid of the irritability and defiance (until pollen season came... and then it started all over).

Probiotics help heal the likely cause of allergies... a leaky gut.

I continue to post about the allergy treatments we used to eliminate his allergies. I highly recommend Advanced JMT, an acupressure treatment. He can now eat most of the foods he was allergic too. He's no longer allergic to wheat or sugar, but they don't appear to be "energetically compatible" with him, so we still avoid those.

Good luck!
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I can't eat or drink anything that contains any dairy, except for some processed cheeses. I had to eliminate milk, ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, any creamed based casseroles, and all shellfish from my diet. I am suppose to be lactose intolerant yet even if I eat lactose free ice cream I get sick.

My easy child is the same way, she obviously inherited it from me :frown: .



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my now 18 year old is allergic to cow's milk (along with tree, grass, weed, mold, and dust mite). We totally eliminated milk from his diet (I mean absolutely none in any amount in any food) at age 3.
Some of the symptoms he's shown when he accidently has injested milk include hives, upset stomach, vomiting, diarhea, hyperactivity (the big reason for elimination), heavy mucus production, and a new one just last year - subcutaneous acne.
I totally eliminated anything that listed the following: milk, whey, sodium caseinate, casein, milk solids, butter fat. I made sure he got enough calcium by giving him the orange juice fortified with calcium (actually much better than milk, anyway, for calcium absorbtion) and Tums.

He's missed very little school over the past 18 years (had 10 perfect attendence certificates) and had one broken bone - stress fracture this year from cross country.

So - just letting you know it IS doable - and it gets easier once you get into the habit. You find out the "safe" foods (but always be wary of a "new and improved" claim) and other ways to avoid milk (ask for kosher deli meats). I make a lot of things from "scratch" substituting soy milk or juice for the milk in a recipe. And be very wary of "non-dairy" foods - almost ALL of those contain casein, which is the part my son is allergic to!


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A prominent pediatric gastroenterologist from Mass General told us that he prefers the probiotic brand "Culturelle" because it contains a broad range of bacterium in it.

We have given our son probiotics in the past, it has not made a difference either way.

Another treatment for yeast and fungal overgrowth is DeLenolate. My husband used this on himself and it worked beautifully. I have used it for other problems, like bladder issues and also found it to be very effective. DeLenolate comes from Olive Leaf Extract so you can buy it over the counter.

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Hi Chris!
Sorry to say I don't know anything about probiotics, but I am an allergy nurse. Has your child been seen by an allergist who is a member of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI)? If so, they can tell you if you should totally eliminate milk or not. We advise our patients to totally avoid milk if they are allergic to it. The Food Allergy Network (FAN) is an excellent resource and has a web site with lots of info. Unless your child only has a mild allergy to milk, I would seriously try to eliminate ALL milk in his diet. This means reading labels of other foods, too. There is milk in many foods that you wouldn't suspect! Watch for words like: milk solids, caseine, lactoglobulin, lactalbumin, lactose, dry powdered milk, etc. Your allergist or physician should be able to give you a brochure of what to watch for.
I don't know if stopping the milk will get rid of the sypmtoms you mentioned, but it may. At least you'll know he won't have a more serious reaction to milk which may be a possiblity for him!
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My commentary on Dairy is this: First of all, human beings, although omnivores (able to eat just about anything), do not have the correct amount of stomachs to safely consume bovine milk. That is why so many human beings are allergic to dairy products. I believe that my daughter has a allergies to dairy products and unfortunately, my ex-wife (who is from Japan) will not listen to me when I suggest to her that she get our daughter tested for these allergies. You see, in Japan, the Japanese people place their doctors high on a pedestal and she tells me that whatever a doctor tells her must be true. So she says: "No, milk is good for child. She needs milk to grow. She cannot stop drinking milk, then she will not grow." Trying to get a person to re-educate themselves can be difficult at times, yet trying to get someone who is from another country to wake up and get educated can be even more difficult as there is the border between languages and cultural concepts and beliefs, on top of the fact that just getting Americans to wake up is also difficult as Americans watch way too much Main-Stream television which is one of the most pervasive and damaging (brain washing) media systems in the world. Granted, most countries have adopted the American pastime of happily parking themselves in front of the ION-bombardment tube to get their daily dose of nonsense so as to escape from whatever it is that they are unhappy with. Which is usually their lives. My poor daughter needs help but my ex has custody and therefore I watch in sadness as I suffer through my daughter's suffering. Unfortunately, I have to tell my daughter to refuse to drink any milk or consume any cereal which has milk in it which angers her mother but saves my daughter SOME physical heartache. And unfortunately, I do not have the money to fight the ex in court to get custody of my daughter in order to help her. Feeding your child is not considered child abuse and I guess in most states, ignorance is also not against the law. When my children are at my home they eat salads and relatively balanced diets sans dairy and relatively little sugar. I do not consume dairy of any kind. And I have noticed over the past ten years that I rarely suffer from the horrible mucus and phlem problems that I used to live with on a daily basis. So... just stop. That's all you have to do. You do NOT need to be courageous. Courage has nothing to do with it. Just don't beleive the lies of the main-stream media and the mega-corporations who only want your money. Consume! Consume! Consume! Don't think. Consume!


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Wow, Tony, I'm sorry that the world isn't quite on the same page as you.
Milk is not poison and there are many advantages to drinking it. I don't believe being from Japan has much to do with it. There are some who are made ill by it but a blanket statement isn't quite accurate.
Putting your daughter in the middle of ingnoring her mother and refusing milk isn't saving her a lot of heartache but putting her in a situation where she is oppositional.
She eats what you serve her at your house, it is unfair for you to not expect the same behavior at her mother's home.

You are right that ignorance is not against the law. What people watch or do in their homes is their business. Who is the judge of the correct way to spend one's time?
I hope you understand that we try to keep open minds to all types of thinking but we expect the same to be given to others.


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My commentary on Dairy is this: First of all, human beings, although omnivores (able to eat just about anything), do not have the correct amount of stomachs to safely consume bovine milk. That is why so many human beings are allergic to dairy products....Feeding your child is not considered child abuse and I guess in most states, ignorance is also not against the law. When my children are at my home they eat salads and relatively balanced diets sans dairy and relatively little sugar.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree with your comment about bovinemilk...but it isn't poison...the Human species is the only species that voluntarily ingests the milk of another mammal...self- destructive behaviour...lol
Did you know it is possible for people to ingest too many vegetables?
I am just learning the alternatives to the way I was brought up as my difficult child 2 has been diagnosed with milk allergy. difficult child 1 has other issues...certain foods trigger migrane headaches. Feeding family can be difficult and costly but whatever is needed for the betterment of their health.
I also agree that putting your daughter in the middle of your disagreements with your ex is not going to help your daughter nor foster respect neither for your wife nor yourself in the long run. Sometimes children can surprise you. If you keep putting her in the midlle she might start to resent you. Be careful you aren't using her as a "weapon" against your ex. There is a fine line bewteen trying to help your child educate herself and using her as a "pawn" in your struggles.
Good Luck to You...


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I've had lifelong milk allergy but as an adult can tolerate a small amount of milk products. I did have to give up milk entirely to get my system to initially settle down. These days when there's something going on such as a cold that might up the liklihood of asthma or sinus trouble, I'll back off, but otherwise a small amount is fine.

What would have helped me the most when I was a teen and all of this was coming to a head would have been having decent tasting substitutes for what I was being asked to give up. Back then there was nothing except a thick, nasty, nondairy creamer as a milk substitute. Nowadays there are plenty of options (Vanilla Silk Soy Milk, for example). You also may want to experiment around--my situation isn't common but what seems to set off my trigger the most are milk products that are high in butterfat. My mom made that discovery out of desperation when I was an infant and wasn't tolerating breast milk or any formula on the market and tried Carnation Instand Non-fat Dry Milk and it worked fine. Even today I don't eat a spoonful of homemade ice cream without giving it some serious thought!


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As an infant my son was allergic to milk. Caused all kinds of problems and caused him to stop eating. Probiotics can help with lactose intolerance (I believe) but not with a milk protien allergy. There is a difference. Lactose intolerance is an intolerance to milk sugar. A milk allergy is an allergy to milk protien. Luckily, my son outgrew his milk allergy after a few years.

Good luck to you, I hope everything works out. I know how hard it is to avoid milk. Read labels, it is amazing what it is in.