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    The agency that has funded thank you's placements for the past 8 years had a meeting today and the topic was transitioning to adult services.

    IL has started a new housing program for adults with MI (my guess is as a result of the Olmstead decision which essentially states that LRE applies to adult services so the practice of warehousing adults with MI and daughter in nursing homes and state hospitals if they don't require that level of service has to end).

    It's supposed to take off the end of July, beginning of August. The adult, or teen who will be leaving youth mental health services in the next 8 months or so, needs to be referred to the Collaborative (administrative agency) by the DMH-approved mental health provider they are seeing (I think any MH services provided via DMH funding). If the referral is approved, then a more extensive application is submitted including psychiatric evaluation, GAF, tx plan, etc.

    The program is to help fund 1 bedroom/single or 2 bedroom double occupancy apartments/homes. They will facilitate finding a residence, negotiating rent, and then the client is responsible to pay 30% of his income toward rent - the Bridge Mental Assistance Card (I think I got that right) will pick up the other 70%, up to a cap based on where in IL the client lives. Eventually this will be transitioned to a Section 8 voucher, but (for example) in the City of Chicago that program apparently had a hold for over 12 years and just started accepting new apps. This will allow MI adults to get housing now, and as they're transitioned to Section 8, their Bridge cards will open for others.

    There's also the possibility of financial assistance in a lump sum for security deposit, application fee, utility deposit, and household items.

    Administration of the funding will be by regional Housing Authorities, some of which have already signed on, many others who are in the process.

    In addition, based on treatment plan, services will be coordinated to be in place immediately per DMH rep - she sounded like she knew what she was talking about but... this is IL after all so I'm a bit skeptical. Her reasoning was right on - much better to have services in place than not to and have to scramble to get them. Services like job coaching, counseling, medication supervision, etc. It is however not mandatory that the services be utilized.

    Standard landlord/tenant laws applied but it did sound like the program would try to run interference if problems arise. Eviction is possible and there's no guarantee of a safety net other than a group home setting (supervised or supported).

    Requirements are that Axis I must be a psychiatric diagnosis - not substance abuse or daughter. Someone asked about high-functioning autism and DMH rep really didn't have an answer. High-Functioning Autism (HFA) isn't going to qualify for daughter services because in IL the requirement is an IQ of 70 or less, period. I guess High-Functioning Autism (HFA) isn't generally a psychiatric diagnosis but... hopefully these folks aren't going to fall through the cracks. The clinical part of it doesn't have to be reviewed once the client is approved but the financial part is reviewed once a year (I'm sure someone on SSI would qualify).

    Anyway - thought I would toss this out there in case there is anyone in IL facing housing issues in the near future. thank you will be and I'm slightly less frantic knowing that this option is there. Unfortunately, DMH had zero suggestions on how to get the oppositional/delusional adult to take advantage of their program! ;) If you want more info, PM me and I can give you the name of DMH rep.
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    Sue....I will give you one piece of info to keep in your arsenal. If you can manage to convince thank you to stay out of legal it. If he has any convictions then that makes him ineligible for Section 8 or housing for X amount of time. With felonies I think its forever to be honest. This is why so many of the mentally ill are homeless.
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    Thanks, Sue. That's very helpful!

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    LOL, Janet. The state thank you's been in lately, if I told him to stay out of trouble, he'd probably start the biggest crime spree in Chicago's history.

    Hmmm... maybe I should tell him to *get* arrested? :rofl:
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    Glad to see there will be SOMETHING for our kids - Dude's starting to worry about where he'll be in a year - but then again when he changes clothes - he's not worried at all. ARGH.

    Thanks for the info.