I'm back home...with a vent

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by carolanne, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I think the people in this house may have gotten the message...we shall see. The house was a bit untidy and they have tried the "sitting on butt while mom works" but I chose to sit as well when asked what's for dinner? Told them they seemed to have survived the past week and expected it to continue. Becky asked what she was going to get out of it, and I said a sense of self worth and the knowledge you can do for yourself. :rofl:

    Now, as for difficult child, :grrr: Jess has told me that she is dropping out of school. She has trouble getting up she said and it's too stressful. Than she says she wants to be a tattoo artist...something she has said for some time. In her mind, she is the next Kat Von like on Miami Ink. Only one problem, she has no talent for drawing. Her mantra? If I am determined, I can do it.

    I bit my tongue and smiled through my disgust. Even her boyfriend is po'ed that she dropped out, keeps telling her it was the wrong thing to do. I give twit kudos :bravo: he wrote his GED and passed and is now looking at an apprenticeship for welding.

    She spends all her time at the library on the computer on facebook; is in trouble with her welfare case worker as she won't apply for any job unless it's a cd store...she is supposedly an expert on all music and refuses to believe they won't hire her.

    On top of that, the phone bill I said I would pay for two months only has been abused...she's been calling my mom!!!!! and the $$$ is well over $300. I paid it but said the next bill is hers as she took advantage of me...

    I am detaching like a maniac here...

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    Good for you for detaching!!

    I have to laugh at the tattoo artist thing. Nichole's already been there done that. :rofl:

    It lasted til she found out what the cost of an apprenticeship was. (1500.00) That and she had to work for a year without pay. AND she had to show them several sketch books full of her artwork.

    Now Nichole can draw, if she isn't trying too hard and just being creative. She'd be an excellent artist if she'd only practice at it. But she doesn't. So of course there were no sketch books filled with artwork to show. She had no money. And the idea of working 10 hr days for nothing while paying for a sitter for the baby......

    That idea went phhhhht really quick. :rofl: