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    did this board come to be? Who on earth came up with this idea? How did it get started? It's such a wonderful place that I got really curious about it's origin.
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    I'm curious about that link and what it says? Originally Mamabear started this before all that and there were only about 25 of us. That was before Abbey. I think there might be less then a handful of originals left.
  4. Suz

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    I guess that's the reference to Mamabear, Tia. This article has been edited quite a bit and it's unfortunate that she got lost in the shuffle since she was the Founder.

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    I didn't know MamaBear but she had a webpage. Abbey/Deb had the technical knowledge to develop into something more. I remember the page with personal stories of parents who struggled. I cried as I read the page because I wasn't alone. Abbey was bigger than life to me in those days. She felt like a light which all of us gravitated to and allowed us to find our voice and listen to the other voices. The folks who were here were varied in stories and personality but accepting. Not much different than today just smaller and more concentrated.
    I can never forget the kindness or helpfulness of the many members who reached out to me when I was in pain over difficult child. Sometimes it was the reality check that a more wise member gave me but all of it was given with the hope of offering insight that I may have missed.
    Being able to carry the torch to keep the site going was a gift despite the negatives. Sort of like child rearing.
    Gratefully,after 6 years, I was able to pass that torch to Cheryl who has kept it going for the next group. I appreciate her hard work to keep the site technologically current and stable.
    All 4 of us have different styles and reasons in how we ran the site but it's still here and evolving so the current group of parents can reach out to those parents who are still crying in the dark.
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    You were the wise light in my life when I found this site. You shared your wisdom with me and even helped me to see things differently. You were always gentle and compassionate but straight forward too. I thank you so much for guiding me along through my struggles when my difficult child son's were extremely difficult teens and when my own thinking was amiss.

    Our late Kris also helped me to realise that there was "something" going on with "me" too...It wasn't just mental illness in my son's. You all have been such a critical part of my family's life now for over a decade and have helped so very many of us and our children.

    Thank you all and to you Cheryl for continuing the good work here.
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    Fran, you still have that poignant touch. Thanks.....:hugs:
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    Mamabear didnt own the site when I found it but I met her a time or two. Abbey was the owner when I joined. I think I was member number 501. I bought my computer with my tax return in 99 and I believe I joined 2/12/99. It was the first message board I had ever joined. Did you know this site has been mentioned on the Oprah Show and has been listed on several resource sites that states list for further information for mental health? I have also seen it in the back of books. That always impressed me.

    I feel very lucky to have been a member here for as long as I have. I have seen a lot of people come and go but this place has always been here. LMS, you said Kris helped you realize something was up. For me, it was Peanut. I dont know how many remember her but she was an early member here. Actually a moderator but I cant remember which forum anymore.