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How is your son and his wife doing?

I keep meaning to post an update but every time I do something bad I kind of got superstitious about it. I swear, I get a phone call this week I may never do this again!

Last I heard, all was well. But the summer and fall has been up and down. To recap:

In June we scheduled our vacation for the last week of September/first of October to go visit them.

Late June, he calls and says they've been saving money and plan to buy a pickup and they're moving back here in October, so don't bother coming out.

Through all this he isn't working mostly due to severe colitis...she actually took him to the ER July 4th weekend, due to so much bleeding and pain, where they do a CT scan and find 1/2 inch kidney stone. So colitis aside, that's where most of his pain is coming from.

Then he calls and says they got married. :didimiss:

Then he has kidney stone removed. I think he's quit worrying about the Colitus though he still needs a colonoscopy to determine what he has going on there.

Then in September they announce they're coming for a weekend visit (Saturday to Monday). We go to Jabber's parent's house so we don't have a 2 hour drive to the airport to pick them up on Saturday morning. They're supposed to have a party at his friend's place for them and then they'll go back Monday morning - Jabber takes off work to take them. As we're about tl leave for the airport, we get a call - they missed their flight and are out two weeks of wife's wages.:panicsmiley: He's in full-on rage. Apparently idiots drove them to the airport, insisting that they didn't need two hours to get through the terminal and security...He still wasn't working and they had NO money. Jabber's parents mailed them their "wedding gift" which was a check and saved the day there. Oh - he'd been lying to me and they have NO money saved to move on. :sigh: I still don't know why he did that.

Son starts working again. :fingerscrossed: No idea where, probably fast food. But work is work.

Meanwhile, Jabber and I took our little trailer and went to Kentucky and had a lovely vacation. It was most tranquil.

Last I heard things were fine. Nothing more has been said about coming here. I inquired about the weather after seeing what Colorado was dealing with and he says they're staying warm and dry. At least there's no forest fires in Colorado - at the moment, only snow.

Life goes on.

As for Jabber and me...we're just doing our usual and counting down the days until we can retire and sell our house and just … exist. I can think of nothing better than pulling our little trailer behind us (eventually a bigger one) and not having any agenda for the day. To seek out places that are quiet and still and just BE.
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Thanks for the update Lil. Hoping he sticks with the job and continues to make good progress.

How nice that you Jabber were able to get away. Kentucky is such a beautiful state.

Oh yes, counting the days till retirement. I too count them but it's still in "years" for me. o_O


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Wow Lil but all is well now so that is all that matters.

Glad you have a peaceful existence.

Loved the emoji's!

Will you see son over the holidays?


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Dear Lil

I am always happy to hear from you when you post. I'm sorry your son has colitis. There are things he can do (non-medically) to help himself and possible help the illness go into remission. I recognize you have no influence over son, like the rest of us, but maybe you could suggest to his wife that they review possible supplements, dietary changes with his doctor.

There is a colitis diet, which is easily found by googling. In my experience probiotics and high fiber help. I use mainly plain psyllium husk powder. And supplements have helped me hugely. I just googled supplements for colitis and found this: a form of glucosamine called N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), Boswellia, and phosphatidylcholine. And I know there are others.

Anyway, it sounds like your son and daughter in law are making things work where they are. Phew. And that you guys are finding simplicity, contentment and peace. I am happy for you.
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Oh yes, counting the days till retirement. I too count them but it's still in "years" for me. o_O is for me too. :( I could retire anytime I wanted to. I couldn't pay the bills.

Will you see son over the holidays?

Unlikely. Sometimes I'm fine with that. Sometimes I miss him soooo much! I hate that we changed our plans based upon his assertion they were moving here and now won't see him for … well ages! We don't take that many vacations and when it's a two day (or VERY hard one day) drive to get to him, I have to take like a week off to make that happen. Not to mention that when we would like to go - April/October - are simply unpredictable weather months.

And I'm still mightily ticked off that he lied about that! Why??? :confused:

maybe you could suggest to his wife that they review possible supplements, dietary changes with his doctor

I likely will send a nosey text to him and her together at some point and ask how things are going. He really should get his tests done before January because for the first time in 25 years of state employment, we've hit our out of pocket maximum...making all our co-insurance payments $0. He'll likely never have that luxury again. Next year is the last year I can cover him too.

It's good to see you ladies too. :group-hug: