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I posted about 6 weeks ago that I had notified the probation officer of my 15yo daughters 18 yo boyfriend who continued to have contact, and even helped her skip school to spend time with him. He ended up spending several days in jail. Well, I have seen his phone number once again showing up on her phone. A week ago, she was "going for a walk" with a friend. I had a feeling something wasn't right, and followed her...I picked her up within 2 blocks from his house. She swore up and down that she wasn't, it was just a coincidence...I didn't tell her that I had seen her message to him that she was headed over to his house.

Oh, before I picked them up, I drove past his house, he was waiting outside, and I smiled and waved real big....then went and picked her up. I figured that would scare him. NOpe, it didn't. I saw another text on her phone, but she never clicked on it, so I don't know what it said.

Today I confronted her about the continuing contact with him. She said "it's not like I am hanging out with him. He just wants me to give him my paycheck". She admitted she ONLY gave him $15, because she knew that wasn't enough for him to buy meth with. She feels guilty that he now has to spend several weekends in lock up because of "my" actions. She says it is her fault, because her family turned him in.

Omg, my head is going to explode!!! If I go back to the PO, she will probably feel even more indebted to him!!! We don't see the psychologist til next week. I don't think she will ever get out from his manipulation...


Ps- she knows I can see her texts if I choose to, but I hadn't since she went AWOL from school. Am so surprised that she didn't delete!!!
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Yes, it does boggle the mind...and this wasn't my Difficult Child. But she has reached official Difficult Child status!! KSM

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:hammer: I really wanted a smiley banging his head on a wall. Ksm, I don't understand it either. I watch all the pretty young girls hanging around the known druggies at the middle school and wonder to myself, what is it about these guys that girls like?

I wish I could hand the girls my knowledge on a platter. Stay the course, ksm.


It always blows my mind when our kids do something like this. We have had similar instances with the daughter. The fact that she was caught in theact every time never deterred her from trying again in a different way. We noticed that with no cell phone to stay in contact with the kids she was doing this stuff with her behavior improved and once she earned it back it remained for a few weeks but it gradually went back to her doing it again. Now she is no longer allowed to have a cell phone. She is allowed to use mine with supervision, like I'm standing there reading the texts or listening to the call. She knows I don't trust her and that if she wants access to any cell phone this is how it has to be in our house.

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Stay the course. This man is a predator. I would report him each and every time he made contact with your underaged child.

I have a big, scary husband that would bash his skull in and that would be a different problem, but I would press every charge I possible could against the piece of :poop:.