Increasing minutes - so thankful.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Dec 22, 2009.

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    As I mentioned, wee is home on suspension til after break. He is truly missing school. We went ahead and made the gifts for his teachers last night, and wrapped the "Animal School" books, and I delivered them this morning. Wee just couldn't bring himself to do it without crying.

    Many people asked about him, and they were genuinely concerned. One teacher had a small gift to take back to him. He will be so thrilled.

    SpEd teacher asked if I was still ok with increasing minutes, which I am. We will be modifying the IEP over break to increase his SpEd minutes drastically. The aids, which had been pared down at lunch time and recess, will be brought back. She doesn't want to take a chance with another incident because overall he has done so incredibly well.

    The nurse - the one he hit that resulted in this suspension - said she was just heartbroken, because as soon as the rage was over, he knew what he had done and was just forlorn. She knows how hard he tries. Many of them do.

    So hopefully the new year will bring back that stability for wee and he can go back to school without incident. Safety nets are being put in place.

    And I just can't get over how amazing it is to have people working with him who truly beleive in him and care.
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    It sounds like this went well- the gift to him from the teacher might go a long way. When teachers show my son the smallest appreciation or caring, he perks right up and puts forth ten times the effort.

    I hope these teachers and staff hang in there with you and your difficult child, too. It sounds like there's a good chance they will. More than anything though, the acknowledgement from the nurse that she knew he realized right afterwards what he'd done and he was sorry proves that this was not intentional, but impulsive and a "symptom" of his disability. Keep that in mind if he gets suspended in the future.
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    I'm really happy to hear wee has that kind of support now. I'm praying for improvements in 2010!
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    So glad they are going to increase minutes. This staff sounds like a good one!
  5. tiredmommy

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    Many {{{hugs}}} for Wee. While he may be heartbroken, I suspect it is for the best that he misses this most chaotic time of year. Even easy child's act out now due to all the holiday happenings, sweet treats and changes in schedule. It can be way too much!
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    it is heartbreaking to watch your difficult child miss out on something they have been so looking forward to. Been there with difficult child when he was a wee!

    But, as another poster stated, it could be a blessing in disguise that he is missing this anxiety-ridden time of the year at school.

    Hoping for more progress in 2010. It really sounds like you are working with a great group of educators.

    Happy Holiday.