Independant moves from difficult child

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by uncheerleader, Feb 11, 2008.

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    Well, ,my difficult child 19 went and got his own checking account! husband thought we would have to go with him. Sat. husband had to leave before difficult child was ready to go to bank (you know how they always take forever to do ANYTHING). So husband said, "Well, too bad, I need to leave now and don't have time to help you today!" Me, I had to leave too and couldn't wait to go with him either.

    But, Sunday morning we saw the new checkbook and bank stuff on the counter!! (difficult child worked a 3-11 shift and was gone when we got home Sat. and we were in bed when he got home).

    :surprise:He had gone on his own before work!!:greedy:

    He hates this job, it's his third job in two years and the first one he's hated:sad-very:.
    He has been looking for a new one and applying and interviewing all over.
    He has a great lead on a meter reader job for a utility in our area:jumphappy:. He will go for a physical on Wednesday, then he needs to do some testing. He has 5 days to pass. He has to do 500 meter reads w\o a mistake *Yikes*:anxious: This job has great potential and benefits too!!!

    He has really been showing some [FONT=&quot]independence
    . There are still some bad days with disproportionate anger or depression, but at least he's showing initiative at last!!


    There is always a light at the end of the tunnel! :laughing:
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    :whistle:Woo hoo!:beautifulthing:That's awesome!:whistle:See? They really CAN do things on their own. I'll bet he was very proud of himself, huh??
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    That is GREAT to hear!!! It must be going around because just this past Friday Melissa opened her own savings/checking accounts. It was a big step for her to go to the bank all on her own and do this. She didn't even want to use the bank that husband and I use; she chose a different one.

    Baby steps. Yea!

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    Sounds good! :bravo:

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    I cant even imagine that! I bet it feels good to see independence. I feel like my difficult child has always been so dependent and i think I made him that way.