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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by everywoman, Oct 5, 2008.

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    PCdaughter is coming out of the army before completing basic training. She will not qualify for any insurance because it is an old "injury/disease" that resurfaced while training. She drops off my insurance at 19---which will be Nov. 1. What are her options. She will have no job, no insurance, and will have to have a surgery that will make her non-weightbearing for 12 weeks. Help??????
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    Check your insurance policy to see if there are criteria to keep her on.

    My daughter can stay on our insurance as long as she is a student (full time I believe). My daughter takes online classes - that may be an option.

    She can also look into applying for a state health care program. I don't know what the criteria is for that - if she is elig while living with you or would need to find an apartment (which the program may help with also?)? You would think they will allow her to live at home and still get the medical coverage.
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    Most state health care plans only cover individuals with children are individuals who are disabled.

    I would contact your Benefits Administrator or your insurance co directly and ask them how this would work. If she has had continuous coverage and can stay on your insurance, there should be no pre-existing condition qualification. That only comes into play if insurance has lapsed for 63 days (or 62...can't remember) and even then insurance companies can only deny coverage for pre-existing conditions for 18 months.
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    Each state may be different. Most of our single non-parent clients are on a state health plan and are not disabled. There are several levels of state assistance (MA, GAMC, GM, MNCARE, ect.) Actually, MA in MN is for anyone under 21 or over 65.

    I would check with your insurance first and then if they deny, check with your county social service for the level of assistance she would qualify for.
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    Our state allows children to stay on the policy until they are 25 which was just recently change in Oct. to age 32 as long as you provide at
    least 50% of support for them. They do not have to be a full time student either.