Informative new info re bipolar disorder

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    Wow, that's really interesting that with-identical twins who are separated, one sometimes doesn't develop bipolar. That really says something for environment. I would love to know the differences in how they were raised.
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    Good point. Also, I noticed how Dr. Birmaher pointed out, "Environment is important, too."
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    Well environment is known to trigger BiPolar (BP) episodes earlier.
    What they see a lot is that someone has the propensity or genetic component to have BiPolar (BP) but something will happen to trigger it. It may not have emerged until later on in life, possibly. But the event triggers it.
    So for example, some of the traumas I went through early on life, like being molested or my Mother's suicide... could have triggered my BiPolar (BP) to emerge earlier.
    Environment can also obviously make ones BiPolar (BP) worse. If I am in an environment that is unstable then my BiPolar (BP) is so much harder to control.
    Environment plays many roles.

    I am a firm believer in early treatment, I had to fight so hard for K to get early evaluations etc. I had a lot of people poo-poo the idea that a child could have emerging BiPolar (BP). Even though she had no Trauma.
    She is an example of just pure messed us genetics. YEAH! :(
    But we have such a strong Genetic line that it makes sense.
    Dr. Papalos felt we were very good candidates for kids with BiPolar (BP). Even N will have a strong chance of having BiPolar (BP) possibly one day.
    But we just cross our fingers that nothing triggers it one day or it doesn't emerge on it's own.

    Good article! I might print it. Give it to mother in law.
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    totoro: Your child is fortunate to have a mom so observant and educated.

    In the past approximately one and one-half years, my son has been exhibiting behaviors that might indicate a mood disorder; do not know specifically what trigger(s) might have been. I also have a family history of bipolar disorder, so have been doing some researching.
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    That is all we can do as parents. When we think something is wrong with our kids we go with our gut and fight.

    You can never second guess any decisions you have made.
    What I have found to be so beneficial is to start a journal of all of the family on both sides who had suspected issues, addictions whatever.
    Even if they were not diagnosis'd.
    I have had to go back and especially with husband family who all gloss it all over like it is just normal behaviour.
    But we have found so many people on both sides with many cases of different Mental Illness, Addiction etc.
    It was actually pretty scary.
    The pills Aunt Mary has been popping for 20 years... well there is a reason! LOL
    We looked at things that people put in the closet and tried to hide, the sexual abuse, weird things that went on.
    The more info you have the easier it is to pinpoint why or what is going on with you child.
    Or even yourself maybe!
    It made it so clear to see my own BiPolar (BP) and PTSD.

    You know what has helped me the most?
    This place. Especially when I felt like I honestly could not take it.
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    Absolutely - this place helps. Your points are interesting and well made; I personally see how things may be more clear these days regarding my family tree as far as illness in family members goes since we are somewhat more open to communicate and have more knowledge than when I was a kid. When I recently was interviewed by a therapist as part of difficult children evaluation for a dual diagnosis program and asked to give family history member by member including medical issues, mental health issues, and substance use, it made me stop and think.

    I had said in my previous post that "do not know specifically what trigger(s) might have been" regarding my son -- I should say instead that (especially since there has been no diagnosis made for a mood disorder) there are events that might relate to his extreme behaviors since they started.