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    Ok so today we had a new intake at a new therapists office. Our appointment was only supposed to take 1-1/2 house and I spent 3 1/2 hours talking about everything. She feels that difficult child mother is largely responsible for difficult child's behavior. She stated that this was a clear case of neglect. 67 absences from school and shame on the school for not reporting her.

    She read every single piece of paper I gave her, and she went over every aspect of the documents. I was very impressed with the care and concern she had. She is going to pick a therapist that can handle the manipulation, aggression, stealing, lying and sexual identity crisis. We are going to receive in home therapy and 1 day a week in the office.

    She went over charges he can face with the law if he keeps on this path, and also informed him of what he was in store for at a juvenile detention, group home and jail. He didn't bat an eye at what she said.

    She asked me in front of him if difficult child is causing stress on anyone in the home. I asked her to have him leave the room, as I don't feel letting him know certain things are triggers for my husband and myself. So she and I spoke about my fear of him and my fears most of all for my son. She stated that he is definately targeting me making me the focus of his complaints. She stated that I needed to be careful around him.

    Well we will see how the therapist works out, only time will tell. I just feel it's going to take a very long time to to get at the root of the problem due to his pathological lying. I am holding on to hope at this point.

    Last note that made me feel good was that difficult child will in years to come after good therapy he will see that we are the ones that loved him for getting him the help he so desperately needs.

    Thank you all for being here
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    I am glad that she took time to go over everything and understand all the concerns.

    You really DO need to be very careful around him. Esp as you are disabled. If he makes it onto the path of relative maturity and happiness, then he will see that you are the ones who love him and fought for him. My 17yo finally started seeing this around the time of his 16th birthday. It was a long hard road.

    I think you may want to start looking at hospitals so that if something happens you know where to go, what is on your insurance plan, how to get there, etc...

    Please make a safety plan with your son for what is to happen if difficult child has a meltdown or starts to hurt himself or someone else. Then, when stepgfg is not around, PRACTICE the safety plan. Figure out how to get out of the house or locked into a room away from him. What number(s) to call for help. Where to go if he leaves the house. What to say when you call for help.

    Does your son have a cell phone or at least a cordless phone in his room so he can call for help if he is in there and difficult child starts to hurt him and he can't get out? It is something to think about.
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    I'm so glad that she was willing to listen and I hope you are able to get some great help for your difficult child.

    I am just starting the process with my difficult child.
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    Donna, that's awesome!

    I am thrilled that she went through every easy child of paperwork, and took so much time with-you.
    Interesting that she said so much (if not all) of difficult child's issues are caused by his biomom. Sigh.
    Even though you are afraid of him, I know a huge chunk of you feels sorry for him and regrets all the yrs that no one was there for him.
    You are doing great. Kudos to you.