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14 yo son with-ADHD was admitted to rogers memorial hospital on Wednesday for 6-8 days? That almost doesn't seem like enough. Dunno. After that he will be going to outpatient for half days for therapy. I can see some progress so far and I am cautiously optimistic(we have sort of been here before). They put him on 30mg of Adderall XR and it seems to be helping. He wrote a heartfelt letter to husband in hopes in would convince husband to attend family session. husband IS part of his problem but husband has decided NOT to take part in family therapy today. I really hate being stuck in between. *I* will try anything to help our son. *I* have hope. My husband however is "setting him up for failure" He thinks he will be "like this" forever. Ugh, is that just like saying you've given up on your child? Or am I just reading that wrong? He says he HAS tried. Okay, if you think ignoring your child is trying then I guess you are. But in my book, that is not trying. UGH. So many thoughts. I wish DS would get his head out of his arse. Thanks everyone for reading and for all your support.


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my ex (ant's dad) would not take part in any helping of ant. in fact, he was a big part of the problem too. he pulled ant around by the ear a lot when I wasnt around, told him he was retarded and worthless a lot, I could not let ant's dad babysit him ever.

now my ex is on his own psychiatric disability and neither of his sons bother with him.
what goes around comes around.


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I'm glad you're feeling a little better about the situation and
that the intake went well. In my long long lifetime, lol, I have
never bothered to read any of the books about male/female differences. I just know they exist. Based on my experiences
I think there are good men who are poor Dads. I could muse for
ages about possible reasons but the bottom line is that your husband
is not in the non-participatory boat alone. Men get confused by
sons, I think. They somehow all think their "boy" will end up
being really outstanding and they will be proud to introduce
"my son" to people. When we have kids who are dysfunctional I'm
not sure they know how they are suppose to act. Often they just
back off. Sending supportive hugs your way. DDD


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:::hugs::: I'm so sorry that husband won't join you in supporting ds (and supporting YOU!). I hope he comes around...

Keep us posted on DS's progress!


It took a long time to get husband to move from nothing is wrong with my kids(o boy the denial). To doing the therapies. He is a non boat rocker type of man. So I understand. Keep your chin up. It isn't that he doesn't care probably it is that he doesn't know what to do. Men move to their own drummer a lot of times.