Interesting article on a savant who can explain himself.


I saw it also and it was VERY interesting. His AS tendencies were so mild as to be invisible in an edited tape. However, he disclosed that he is "face blind" about an hour after meeting a person. I would have loved to know if he can recognize familiar people. Also of note--he learned Icelnadic, which is a very difficult language, in one week--so much for the idea that savant's memory feats are always math related.

This poor guy will be everyone's favorite research subject for years to come--I mean "poor guy" because he is unique in the billions of people alive apparently and not because he has a mild disability in the presence of savant abilities.



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For once we got the TV show before you folks did! Probably because it is our summer (and non-ratings period) Down Under and this came in at the beginning of our non-ratings period end of last year. We made a point of watching it, tried to get difficult child 3 to watch it. difficult child 1 wasn't home, I don't think, but although he's nowhere near Daniel's league he does have a prodigious long-term memory (to compensate for not having much of a short-term one).

The Poms are fascinated with him, and rightly so. So are our people. And that feat of learning Icelandic - very interesting. difficult child 3 is learning German right now (not at the same speed!) and I think the logic of the language is what is appealing to him and making it easier.

Thanks for posting this link. I'd like to see more TV programs like this, with further studies and discussion. ANYTHING we can find out...