Interesting Article on Opioid Abuse Epidemic - Look At The Map


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This is an interesting article. It says that a scary majority of the rehabs that treat opioid addicts don't have access to all 3 of the medications that evidence shows are effective to treat it. You need special licenses or waivers to prescribe certain medications. The same medication won't work on everyone.

To understand why America’s opioid epidemic keeps getting worse, just look at this map

If I had a loved one who needed rehab, I would be terrified. This map is scary as all Hades. What are your opinions?


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This is very interesting. We live in a metropolitan area with an abundance of resources, and it's still difficult for an addict to "stay the course." My son is on suboxone, and he has to go to the clinic once a week for his medication. He told me the reason he relapsed the last time was that he missed his suboxone appointment because he had just started his new job and didn't want to tell them he needed the time off. Then he was in withdrawal, etc. The other article that is linked to the one you posted is also interesting: There’s a highly successful treatment for opioid addiction. But stigma is holding it back.


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Very interesting article and hits it right on the nose.
We have just spent the past 12 days “googling” MAT/OPI Treatment facilities. Those 2 acronyms will limit your search immensely, not to mention the average cost starts at $10,000 -$13,000 for the FIRST month. Then it drops to a menial $3,000 - $7,000 each month thereafter. Besides the cost, by servicing patients with Suboxone, Methadone and or Vivitrol, the medications must be kept in a lockbox OR somewhere on the property for medical staff to distribute daily and most don’t want the expense of medical personnel nor will they rx a narcotic.

We just talked to a facility 2 days ago. He would have to get an Uber to get his medications daily. Another facility when asked if they allow suboxone and Seraquel (to help sleep) yelled at him and said,”We have a no drug policy here” and slammed down the phone. I sure hope these particular people are always strong enough to handle “life!” Addiction is not a weakness. It is a disease. If medication helps, then all of these money making schemes (minimum requirements of attending mtgs, offer yoga, chef made foods) need to get on board and invest in the cost of medical personnel to run a MAT facility offering IOP ( intensive Outpatient Treatment).
Our son was just released from rehab after 32 days and is now catching a flight Sunday for a long term MAT/IOP treatment facility. Literally ALL but this and a more costlier facility were the only 2 that offered both. He will receive his medications daily, expected to find employment within 30 days, attend meetings, pay his own rent (from his paycheck 175.00 a week) and can continue his college courses. He was fortunate enough to have people in rehabs that have remained friends in these areas to help him with referrals.
Suboxone is a Godsend for our son. He will be on it 10 years. It is a maintenance drug for him. It suppresses the craving. No different than a blood pressure pill or anxiety medication for others. He was also dual diagnosed with SEVERE Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and they prescribed Vyvanse for him to help him focus. He IS an addict BUT his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) feeds his addiction. Once the thought enters his mind of a drug, he can’t shake the thought and it becomes a passion, a lust for the substance. This medication along with “mind tools” can and are a lifesaver.


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I think this is scary. Addiction is a disorder, but like so many people who have mental health issues many have the mistaken idea that it is imperative to take medications for blood pressure, epilepsy or diabetes, BUT it is somehow "weak"to take medication for mental health/addiction. I don't get it. I do take an antidepressant and would probably have been a suicide without it. Yet my life is great...

Addicts sabatage themselves and others by talking other addicts into trying to kick very addictive drugs without medication. You can't function on opiads. You can function on other medications and not crave the deadly drug. How is this bad?

I too am alarmed by the map. At the same time, the cost of the places that use all three medications is prohibative to most people. My family could never beg, borrow or steal $3000 a month and that doesn't include the initial fee. How many people does the cost eliminate????

We need to update how we think about addiction and so do those who create these rehabs and the addiction community in general needs to stop preaching that if you quit a serious drug by taking a not serious drug that you are still a user. This includes the 12 Step community. I dated a man years ago who was active in AA and heard that mindset at meetings that I would sit in on. Maybe AA and NA are more flexible today.

I am sad for all you with sons and daughters still struggling and have to deal with a solution that is so close but so far away to so many.
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Long road but the path ahead holds hope.
Well said SWOT. Rehab is extremely costly here in Canada. Private insurers do not cover rehab. The social health care systems do but the waits are very long and the majority is detox and 30 day. There are very few in patient long term treatment option. Cost is $7,000 to $10,000 a month. This is so cost prohibitive.