Interesting stuff about healthy intestinal flora

This was written to Dr. Walt Stoll:

I understand your mention, of how a healthy intestinal tract .. all 20 plus feet of it, would not allow any Parasitic colonizations, from Worms to Candida, etc....
Even if we drank a glass full of the critters everyday.....

To fully understand this... if a person has Worms or Giardia or Candida or Bacteria etc... which are living inside of the intestinal / gut lining tract, thereby assaulting and disturbing the gut lining itself, causing dysbiosis and further being the actual main causative factor of L G S Holes; not inclusive of being over stressed and over antibiotic-ed, new word.. ha ha.. would it not be prudent to at least eliminate such gut lining invaders, so as to allow the gut lining to repair itself, without such hourly assaults from the numerous types and numbers of possible parasites.

The main reason I am going over this in full is to get a full grasp on this subject.

Moreover...I had a DR. way back in 1990, who treated Candida and Parasites, although he was mostly experimenting at that time and i did not continue with his treatments.
Under any circumstances, that Dr. was under the opinion that both L G S and Candida, would never be cured, unless the gut lining was able to repair itself by sealing up the gut lining holes and also MOST IMPORTANTLY he said,was to recolonize the entire intestinal tract with the friendly PROBIOTIC flora bacterias.

The GOOD flora, he said, was the first and possibly the ONLY line of defense to stop LGS and Parasites and Candida and all the other numerous dysbiosis candidates....

Interestingly , he stated that a healthy individual should have between 3 to 5 pounds of these friendly flora protector colonies / probiotic culture colonies,permanently living and lining the gut walls, all through life.

He further stated, of course I am paraphrasing this entire article / post .. that it is impossible to reimplant and recolonize the intestinal tract, in order to reach the necessary curative flora numbers / 3 to 5 pounds of active living / permanently established cultures, without
FIRST ELIMINATING as much of the Candida and Parasites as possible....which are also lining the gut walls.

Accordingly, such unwelcome and unfriendly invaders may be inhabiting and assaulting the gut lining walls themselves.. and it is imperative that the intestinal gut walls are to be as free as possible, from whatever assualtive invaders are causing the Probiotics to NOT BE ABLE to attach themselves to the gut lining walls.
If Probiotics cultures are not able to get a chance to adhere to the gut walls, due to assaultive enemies of parasites and or candida, such probiotics will never be able to gain any significant footholds on any part or parts of the gut lining and be able set up house and beging to establish themselves in adequate defensive numbers.

Bottom line in all this is that, he thought LGS and Candida would NOT BE CURED unless Probitics were allowed to set up house in adequate numbers and that he thought such friendly probiotics being able to adequately establish themselves would also be impossible, without first getting rid of as much candida and parasites in the gut as possible, FIRST..?

Just another opinion and something to consider & ponder....
I hope it all made some sense....
Now, if we just had a surefire antiparasitic, as well as, a scientifically proven Probiotic that was guaranteed to repopulate and colonize itself, in the 3 to 5 pound range, even long after stopping the flora product itself.
I personally have not found either one yet..

(In response to SR):

Thanks, SR.

NOW, think about this:

Nine out of ten of the cells in our bodies are not human. They are bacterial, parasitic, etc. We are really just a web of human cells holding together a huge colony of organisms that work together to keep us all healthy. "Do we live for them or do they live for us?"

EVEN our human cells are not totally human. Our mitochondria are little aliens that are parasitic to our cells and without them we could not survive.

It is true that this is all related as a vicious cycle. One just has to choose the best place to interrupt that cycle in order to get well with the least amount of cost in time, money and effort.


Hummmmm, VERY intersting..... BUGS!!! YUCKIE! that is so darn sick isnt it!!

So, what do we do??? Did I miss that part?


You take the probiotics (blue green algae or lactoacidolpholus), Nystatin Powder (to control the Candida yeast), and you try to, in general make your immune system strong & healthy! (So that your body will be able to fight off the yucky stuff on it's own!)

You do that by healthy foods (removing allergic ones, and junk food, sugar, dyes, preservatives, etc.) adding healthy, whole foods, taking vitamin supplements for deficiencies, exercise, stress reduction (by biofeedback, meditation, prayer, whatever helps you get rid of stress) and, try to not smoke, drink, illegal drugs, and really, really watch the antibiotic use (if you have to have antibiotics, use the probiotics immediately!)

And remember, laugh!


Well, I do hope I can get ahold of some doctor tha till let me get that script for the Nystain !! That I think will help!! I hope!

Dogchopper, ask your pediatrician. It is a very safe drug, no side effects (it shouldn't even be prescription) and tell him you want the refrigerated Nystatin Powder you mix with water.

Then, tell him you've done your research & the quantity you need is 750,000 units 4xday. The bottle we have is 150,000,000 units (that is around 1/4 teas. 4 x day).

Since he is used to prescribing the suspension or the tablets, he will resist with the powder. However, tell him the control of candida must begin in the mouth & you want your child to swish it around in her mouth. From what I understand, it is very hard to get rid of, so you need to do it several months, and do a anti candida diet at the same time (no sugar, no yeast, no moldy foods, limit refined carbs, but you can have brown rice, etc. for carbs, & limit fruit, or no fruit).


Thanks, I will do that. I am in the midst of insurance changes and have none till mid january
it's the pitts. So after it kicks in I will do that. I'll archive this so I have for a refrence!