Want to reduce medications? Long excerpt :eek: but very informative :p

I've talked some about leaky gut & most of you probably think I'm crazy. Most of the medical population does. Just thought I'd type from a book because that may explain it better. This is for those who are interested in food allergies and chemical
allergies & how they affect behavior. I hope this also ties together the posts regarding immune system dysfunction, the various diets (elimination & Feingold & Whole Foods), and helps explain why many people can improve through diet & lifestyle.

Here goes: Excerpts from "Saving Yourself from the Disease-Care Crisis" by Walt Stoll, MD. This book can be ordered on Amazon through Abbey's website.

"The lining of the intestinal tract replaces itself every 14 hrs on average (stomach, twelve hours; small intestine, 14 hrs & colon, eighteen hours). That's one reason there is more blood needed by the intestinal tract, while it is resting, than any other
organ system at rest. Since you don't need your gut to fight or flight, one of the first places compromised by a chronic build-up of stress (fight or flight) is the intestinal tract. Eventually, the intestinal lining will no longer do its job perfectly. If you have been stressed up for a long time, your intestinal tract will be chronically starved for blood and the lining will start to funciton imperfectly. This makes the ecology of your colon much more
susceptible to the growth of disease-causing
organisims, like candida and other parasites, which then damage the lining even further. The stage is then set for the condition known as "leaky gut syndrome".

Notice that inside your intestinal tract is really outside your body, just as inside your mouth is really outside your body. You must go throught the lining of your mouth to get inside your body. Things from the outside world travel through the tube from mouth to anus. The function of the lining of that tube is to break down those substances into particles that are so
simple that, when absorbed, they can no longer be identified by our immune system as having come from something outside our body. For proteins, which are the basis for most of these reactions, that means being broken down into amino acids, which are the
building blocks of protein. A few amino acids left hooked together are called peptides. Peptides are the simplest things that our immune system can determine to have come from something other than ourselves. The normal intestinal lining allows no peptides to pass into the blood.

Your immune system sees the world in black & white; if it is you, it is not supposed to attach, and if it is not you, it is supposed to attack. The only way we have to take things from the outside world and convert
them into our own tissue (without our immune system going crazy) is for the intestinall lining to do its job very well. Leakage of imperfectly digested proteins (peptides) through an imcompetent intestinal lining is now know to be the most common cause of all
environmental sensitivities.

Many of the systemps of intestinal irritation are treated as separate diagnoses, include colitis, irritable bowel syndrom, Crohn's disease, malabsorption, and celiac disease (sprue). Many times it is the immunological reaction, going on at the site of the leakage, that causes the symptoms. Frequently, the imbalance in the normal flora of the gut aggravates the problem by increasing the damage to the lining and allows more toxic products to be
absorbed into the system.

The real damage takes place once our antibodies (our immune system function) get hold of those peptides in our own tissues that match what was leaked. Our antibodies start attacking the leaked substances."

"To improve the quality of the intestinal lining so that there isn't so much leakage is for the patient to learn an effective relaxation response and practice it 20 minutes twice a day for the rest of their lives. In the meantime, one can improve the function of the gut somewhat by taking the correct digestive enzymes (what the gut should be making for itself), replacing
the normal colonic bacteria (acidolplus or probiotic), shortening the transit time for a substance to go from the mouth through the gut, and out the anus), and treating any parasites (which aggravate the leaks, and
have set up housekeeping in the gut). The normal gut create conditions that prevent the abnormal organisms (candida yeast & others) from becoming established. However, once the wrong organisms are established,
restoring the normal bacteria will not get rid of the baddies.

The leaky gut makes the effects of environmental pollutants more dangerous as well. Since humans have not had enough time to evolve a way to digest chemicals that have been invented by man (preservatives, additives, chemicals in air, etc.) the
main way they get into us is by leakage. A leaky gut allows a larger percentage to get into the individual than a healthy gut would."

Okay, this is from me
. This is why I believe that in some of our difficult children medications work for a month & then stop. They start getting through the leaky gut, & then the body starts fighting the medications.

Another excerpt regarding carbonated beverages:

"Over 50 yrs ago, the veterinans became awar of a corollary to "the stable criminal syndrome"
in relationship to horses. Sometimes a horse would simply go crazy all of a sudden. Since there was no cure for the condition, the horse had to be destroyed.
This costs the horse breeders a lot of money. It was finally discovered that if an animal became deficient in magnesium, it took only a small dose of phosphorus to trigger a killing frenzy. Since grain has a lot of phosphorus, the usual way horses were fed, made this happen. All anyone had to do was to be sure the animal did not become low in magnesium. Of course, some animals were more susceptible than others to this yndrome, but, now that the cause was known, that could be managed.

The average citizen in this country is low in
magnesium. Since magnesium is one of the main things removed from foods when they are refined & the percentage of refined foods in our diets has increased over the past 100 yrs, the result was inevitable. Refined foods, and especially soft drinks
, are very high in phosphorus. Considering the diet of today's teenagers, is it any wonder that the children most susceptible to the "stable criminal syndrome" are now finally showing up in our statistics?

When brain chemistry is altered, there are no thoughts of consequences.

I have seen the results of altering the diet of my patients with learning disabilities, behavior problems (including hyperactivity) and delinquency. The changes are dramatic & immediate (within 2 weeks) if the changes are done right.

There are many books on this subject from nationally known physicians, Doris Rapp MD, (Is this your Child?), William Crook, MD (The Yeast Connection); Lendon Smith, MD (Feed Yourself Right); Dr. Richard Passwater (Supernutrition) and Carl Pfeiffer, MD, PhD(
Mental and Elemental Nutrients)."

Okay, I'm sorry this is so long, but I thought there was enough interest on the board to post it & this is the easiest to understand explanation I could find. There are many other studies and many other books that go into all this in greater detail. However, one thing that I think you should think about is:

Diet, exercise, and relaxation cannot be patented. Pharmaceutical companies cannot make money on diet, exercise, & relaxation. There will be no double blind studies done by those companies if they cannot make money on it. Doctors today will tell you to reduce
stress, get exercise & eat properly. What is
properly? I've tried to help you with the relaxation techniques, the diet is basically removing all the junk food & preservatives & trying to eat whole, organic foods, and we all know what exercise is. Your child may still need medications (mine does) but the body
will be able to absorb those medications better so that you can use less medications and this is true of any illness, not just mental health issues.

Please order these books if you are interested in learning more about Candida yeast, leaky gut, healthy eating, and exercise.

I have seen my childs opposition improve by doing these things. He isn't a easy child, but he is MUCH closer to being a easy child. He may always need medication, but he will need much less & have a happier life than he would have if I had not done these things.

I love these smiles!

difficult child 7 yrs old. medications since 4.5 yrs.

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Dear Straw, you did alot of work here, I hope somebody achives it so you won't have to repeat it all!
Anyway I have done some reading on the leaky gut sy and while I don't pretend I understand it, I know enough about it to be aware. I think I also read that taking antibotics can cause that too or make it worse. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm trying so hard to keep Nathan away from the antibotics this winter..he has taken him most of his young life and now has to have adult strengh antibotics to kill whatever he has. That colloidal Silver has been a God send. I give him to him when he gets a cold and it keeps it from going into a sinuse infection or something worse so he doesn't have to have the antibotics.

Also the antibotic make me sick anymore so I am taking the silver too. And I have been waiting for his allergy test results and waiting for my mom to move out so I get him away from some of these juck and try the stuff you have talked about.

Thank you so much Straw for sharing this and other information with us.

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WOW very interesting stuff!!! AND YOU WONT BE A CO MODERATOR!!!!! hehehe!!!
You know lots more about it than I do!!!!!!!!
I will get abbey or nancy to send it to my site and then I will archive it!!!!

Thanks for posting. I did want to clear up something, dogchopper (you are very qualified & do a great job with all the research!) You do a great job without me
and . . . my husband travels in his job, I have no relatives close by, and our specialists have warned us not to 'let just anyone' watch difficult child. I'm it 24/7 pretty much, so my time is not my own, and very unpredictable. Since my time is often not my own, I hate to commit to something I may not be available for. That is the reason. I am trying to share what I've learned, though.

I wanted to post this, because I had read a lot about leaky gut & many doctors dispute it. With the allergy questions & people saying they wanted off medications I wanted to just put it out there for them, so I typed it from a book here & there & helped simplify it so it would be available to anyone who wanted it.

Also, regarding viruses, colds, etc. Another thing to try is 2 to 4 grams of esterified vitamin C daily during the cold & flu season. If you feel a cold coming on, sart taking 4 grams, 3 x day & that should stop it in its track. Remember to get the esterified vit C. I don't know much about the silver, but I would be careful with it.

Moonglow, you are right about the antibiotics. They will kill the good bacteria in the gut, along with the bad germs and we all need that good bacteria to keep the yeast & bad bacteria & parasites in check. If you or your children have been on any antibiotics, please supplement daily with a probiotic. Also, the yeast (candida) feeds on refined foods (sugar, white flour, rice, yeast, fruit, juice, etc.) so when you or your children crave these things you are feeding the bad yeast in your gut. Stay off all refined foods & sugar for 4 days & you should lose the craving for sugar. You need to take Nystatin powder to help control the yeast.

It is really a bummer to eat right & I don't do well enough myself, so please don't think I am preaching. I have as much difficulty as anyone to not eat sweets & I do. Occasionally I'll get totally off sugar. I have been really strict with difficult child since Thanksgiving, though & he is on 1/2 or less medications. It is easier to do all this when they are young, so we should probably post all this stuff in the younger forum.

difficult child- age 7

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I just wrote a post and hit clear fields instead of send!

I don't have time to rewrite it all, but want to chat with you about it in more detail. Basically, I found Doris Rapp's book years ago when Laura easy child, was small. Her skin disease so severe I read whatever I could get my hand on. Unfortunately, I read sooooo many things I got overloaded with info, and felt nothing was helping. I'll have to pull her book back out tomorrow after court is over. I'm preparing a statement for the gun ordeal and need to get back to it. I'm very interested in any other references you have though.

And I just wanted to say, you are absolutely right as far as the excercise is concerned. This summer Josh and I went to the gym all the time. He was on a strict every-other day routine. He wouldn't even touch pop, only juices and water. It was nice because he actually wanted me to go help spot for his weight lifting portion, then I'd walk on the treadmill while he finished on other machines. We both looked and felt good. After his downward spiral, he stopped going (me too), and all he'd drink was Coke, and eat junk food...pizzas and chocolate. Look where he is now! Stable Criminal Syndrome, huh? Wait till he hears that one!

Thanks for the info, will chat with you later!


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