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difficult child 2 and I saw psychiatrist today. He changed his diagnosis from Adjustment Disorder to Intermittent Explosive Disorder some time in the last 6 months. I guess during his meetings with difficult child 2 when I wasn't present.

He feels he would benefit greatly from a mood stabilizer. He offered Depakote or Lithium.

difficult child 2 declined. He has the right. 14 is the legal age here to make your own decision on medications. We could have it court ordered, but the Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED) probably won't kick in until reunification now. Lucky us.

He is insistent he doesn't need them. Big sigh. I found the diagnosis interesting, as that is what Dylan was diagnosis'ed with in 2003 (way prior to the Bipolar).

On another note, I was reading something in a magazine today. It was a Bipolar questionnaire. Want to know something scary? I scored very, very high :smile: Another big sigh.

I have suggested difficult child 2 consider the medications. He says "Dylan's on Lithium, I'm not Dylan". He can't seem to understand, Lithium is not only for Dylan's. We will talk, but we won't jam it down his throat. psychiatrist made the suggestion, but will not harp on him.

Can't blame him.

Have a good weekend all.



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Hopefully, difficult child 2 will consider and eventually start taking the lithium. He may just be giving Mom a "No" because he can. As for the questionnaire, it is a possibility you should consider talking to the psychiatrist about. It all genetics. :frown:


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:::big hugs::: I agree with tiredmommy...we all know about the genetic link so many of these illnesses have. Probably wouldn't hurt for you to talk to the psychiatrist about the questionnaire you filled out. I know with my family's history of clinical depression, anytime I'm feeling really down, I make note of the date on the calendar so I can be aware of how much time passes that I am feeling that way...just in case. We all have to take extra special care of ourselves.

Hopefully your difficult child 2 will give the medication suggestions a try. I'm glad you've decided not to harp on it...never really known a 14 yr old to want to do anything their mom shoved down their throat :wink: Maybe if you tell him you don't want him to take the medications...LMAO! Just kidding.

I think you are doing the right thing by not harping on difficult child 2 to take the medications. Hopefully, in time, he'll be agreeable to trying them.

We had the same problem with difficult child 1 not wanting to take trileptal. It took a L O N G time before he would agree to try it. husband and I didn't talk to him about it. We knew it would make him even more resistant to trying the drug. His psychiatrist finally got through to him. I don't know how - It was nothing short of a miracle!!!

On another note, I agree with TM too. It might be a good idea if you spoke to your physician. It can't hurt. You need to take care of yourself!!! You always have so much going on... At least think about it...

I'll be thinking about you and your trip to the mountains this weekend. Have a wonderful time!!! :flower: WFEN