Interviewed but don't think I got it

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ML, Aug 29, 2008.

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    and I'm ok with that. I approached this opportunity as something I had to do, but that my higher power knows what's best for me. So many times I thought I wanted something, got it, and realized it just wasn't *the thing* I thought would make me happy.

    During the interview, which I feel I did pretty well, they said some things that I recognized from previous experiences as handwriting on the wall. I know these folks, worked with them before. They said things like "you sure have made this a difficult decision for us, etc." I have seen them say this to the runners up before.

    Oh well, I'm looking at all the good things about my current job and I'll put energy into doing my best there.

    The DNC week was a breeze. Half the city telecommuted or vacationed so it was a ghost town. The police force outnumbered protesters in my rea about 5 to 1! It was strange coming into the parking lot (which is next to the capitol) and see a dozen or so police (county sherrif's, military police etc) make sure I looked like I belonged. My boss told them to check my ID closely as he was sure I was a subversive lol.

    It was so fun being part of history.

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    Eh, chalk it up to a learning experience.'ve got a job now so you can take your time and find the right thing.

    Glad you made it through the DNC. I think I would have been a little freaked by the whole thing myself! LOL
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    The right job will come along!

    When I was interviewing, I noticed there were two types of questioning which I believed pointed to rather they already knew who they wanted and were just going through the motions:

    We already know who the job will be offered to: The interview would be focused on the details of the job - do you know the terminology? - most places have their own terminology and not all outsiders would be familiar with them.

    We are looking for someone and it could be you: The interview would be based on my qualifications. What I had experience in and my work ethic. Does my personality and qualifications fit into the job?

    I am glad you are o.k. with not getting that job. If something comes up that you think you would like but do not think you have the qualifications, remember, you can sell your willingness to learn. Push that you are able and willing to learn anything the job requires. Some places would rather have someone they can train than someone who thinks they know everything.
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    It hoovers not to get the job. But, nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you didn't get the job, take the time to contact the person who was hiring and ask them what (if anything) you might have done differently that would have resulted in your being the one that they hired. Sometimes it can be very helpful for the next interview.
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    ML, sorry about the job. I hope a better one comes along. :)

    That's neat that you were able to be in the middle of the DNC. And even better that you didn't seem concerned about the traffic or chaos. Way To Go.