IQ scores are falling -- Why?


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Interesting article but it failed to mention that an IQ score also drops when a child's depression worsens.



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I didn't even bother to read the article.....

just simple facts of matter..

my oldest difficult child will test with an iq well below the mentally retarded lowest threshold but is taking calculus and passing with a B
my oldest fem. difficult child: went from a 52 to a 120 after I taught her appropriate reading skills

youngest male difficult child test higer than oldest difficult child on Iq scales but gets F's....

youngest Fem: tests extremely high on test (gate program qual'd); but performs below ability--above her grade but below ability because siblings shun her if she does better--a major problem as she passes those that chose not to perfom academically...


IQ scores can fall due to a student not getting appropriate intervention. When appropriate intervention is not forthcoming, learning can stagnate resulting in no growth.

Proper identification of problems followed by appropriate intervention are key.