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    So on Tuesday difficult child said her knee was hurting a little after cheer. Wednesday it was so bad she couldn't possibly attend school so I took her to the Doctor and they basically said it was a strain and they said if it didnt improve they would do an ultrasound. Thursday she was in pain but made it through school and sat out at cheer. Today she calls from school and wants to go home because it is so painful to walk. That is when I called bull **** on her. There is no bruising, no swelling, and nothing major going on here. She doesn't bother to take Motrin or wear her brace 90% of the time but swears she is.

    Anyway, I finally told her she could go home but that she could not attend cheer tonight at all. She has to cheer tonight (she'll be sitting out due to injury but will have to attend) and they are having a Christmas exchange/sleepover tonight at the school for the cheer team. Now she is ******! I am just being mean, that is not the school policy, and all the other cheerleaders have done it before. And on and on and on. By this point I want backup for my rules so I contacted her coach and her attendance supervisor and guess what if you check out sick from school and dont return before the end of the day then NO you can not attend events that night. Both of them are willing to back me.

    I texted her and told her to go talk to her coach and the attendance supervisor but she wont she will just spend the whole day ****** off at me for making her life difficult! ARGHHH!

    All this after I was nice enough to return the Christmas gift she specifically requested and get her several smaller items so that she had as many boxes as her little sister.
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    I'm glad that you called the school and got back up from the cheer coach and attendance supervisor. Let her blame you all she wants, but this time her blame is being put in the wrong place.
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    Yeah! Great move to circle the adult wagons! We can love them but they still sure can be exasperating ......