Is pot a problem for your adult kid?


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I am not sure this post will get any traction. It's just a try to see if anyone even wants to discuss a possible correlation between daily pot use and failure to thrive.

I say this as someone who knows a close relative who only smokes pot, nothing else. It is almost daily. I think it may.have held a very intellegent person from reaching full potential. The person does work full time. Pot also does not seem to help this person be more calm.

If anyone is interested in a discussion. If nobody is, hey, that's ok too. Since it will be legal soon do you feel that than for cataracts or chemo it will really be useful?


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Yes, for my daughter that is where I think it "started." However, I also think she has a predisposition to addiction - it runs on both sides. And she quickly latches onto and will take anything available. In my opinion, it is not much different than alcohol. I think if either are used before a person is mature enough, it hinders them and can lead to a lifelong problem. I think if you have a predisposition to addiction, anything can be addicting - alcohol, pot, cigarettes, caffeine, Rx pills, etc. Even behaviors can be addicting. JMO

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I think in certain people marijuana does stop motivation. Studies have shown that it does both positive and negative things to the brain. My son found that it helped calm his brain from the ADD and I would guess it was a gateway drug to other drugs. Working in the hospital I see daily where there is a place for marijuana medically - 80 year old people who won't eat, people with nausea that doesn't respond to traditional medication, and also in pain conditions. I too don't see much difference in marijuana and alcohol - maybe it doesn't create the rage and anger in some people that alcohol does. I think many other substances can be bad for the brain that are perfectly legal - such as sugar.


My son started smoking weed at 14. He was threatening, stole, out of education because of behaviour. He is very clever. His sister attends a top uni and he is equally as bright but he scraped through with a couple of qualifications. Weed stops him from taking responsibility for his life. He lacks motivation, he's paranoid and angry.
He's 21 now and estranged from myself and his 2 siblings. They think he's ridiculous. I feel that as I choose not to have drugs in my life, I never have, I will not permit him to bring them into our lives. His choice, not mine.
I hate weed. It stole my beautiful boy from me. I can accept they have a place and a use but not for me. It makes me cross the legalising. Let's just make it easier for our children to ruin their lives !


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I think there is a direct link between frequent pot use and loss of motivation.

I know my son can't seem to get past the fact that weed can do harm. He will admit that other drugs are harmful, but not weed. I feel so defeated, as now our politicians are basically saying it's not so bad, with the movement to legalize it.

As someone who both lives it and sees it in my students in the school setting, weed use is definitely linked to poor grades and low motivation.

I never thought my own child would ever be a "pot head"