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  1. Wiped Out

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    we will have a real crisis plan in place for difficult child.

    The short of it is if he show any physical aggression to husband or myself he will experience Stop the World for an entire day. Nothing fun, you know the drill (we've done versions of this in the past but it's a bit different). If he continues with any more violence he will go to crisis respite.

    It sounds like a good plan. It is also the place difficult child will begin to go to for regular respite. The first time he goes will be for fun. If he has to go for crisis, the guy will let difficult child how he isn't happy to hear he was violent so he will not be doing the usual fun stuff. He will have chores or can choose to just be bored. There will be very little for him to do, the other kids I guess are good at not interacting when children are there for crisis respite.

    It is so good to have the crisis respite to back us up. Before if we did anything similar to stop the world, we didn't have any back up so this will be very good, at least I'm hoping so!
  2. Andy

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    This plan will releave some daily stressors.

    When will the 1st visit be? Sounds like he will need that in before a crisis visit.
  3. Steely

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    Wow, this sounds awesome. I wish I had this for difficult child.
    What resources did you utilize to get this service?
  4. katya02

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    That sounds like a great backup to have. We did what I guess was our version of Stop the World - more like Strip the Room - and difficult child hated it but it did make an impression. But our only recourse for serious violence was admission.
  5. Wiped Out

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    Adrianne-The first visit will be Monday night into Tuesday-from about 5:00 p.m. on Monday to 5:00 pm on Tuesday. We can't put the rest of the plan in place til we have a team meeting.

    Steely-We applied for this program in our county. In the past the program was only for parents whose cases were referred through CPS. They opened it up to other families and difficult child's therapist and my therapist suggested we apply so we could get some much needed respite.. We applied for it because of the respite end of things. I didn't know we would get that and more-I had no idea crisis respite would be a part of it! They are also paying for some of his camps this summer. The program goes for 18 months. Unfortunately the crisis respite doesn't sound like it will go that long.

    Katya-Yeah-in the past we haven't had any good recourse for the serious violence other than hospitalization.
  6. susiestar

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    I ma glad this program has opened up and will give you a break at the least.

    Hopefully it will spread and parents in other parts of the country can get this service.
  7. Big Bad Kitty

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    That does sound like a very good plan. I bet you are relieved!
  8. slsh

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    Sharon - I am *so* doing the happy dance here for you. Respite is good, but crisis respite??? Oh my gosh, what a blessing!!! I'm just tickled that you are getting some serious supports now. You and husband have really done an amazing (and superhuman, in my humble opinion) job in dealing with difficult child. It's about time you guys gets the opportunity for a break when he's escalating!

    I hope the respite part is very positive for difficult child and that he benefits as much as the rest of the family.

    Yee-haw - this is such fabulous news!!
  9. LittleDudesMom

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    Fabulous! This sounds like a wonderful plan! I am so glad that you guys qualified for the program.

    Only you guys know what kind of affect this will have on difficult child. Can he learn from his mistakes or is he not stable enough to do so? It is great to have an alternative rather than you all dealing with the violence. I hope difficult child will gain from this plan.

    The one good thing Sharon, is that should difficult child's violence excalate or continue, this program will provide a record of his behavior. Perhpas the program will continue or something else will kick in based on the need for the current program.

    Another question - refresh my memory - is there any relation to the time of the year and difficult child's behavior? In other words, is he a little more volitile during the school year when there are more demands on him? Is he a little "mellower" in the summer? Just wondering.

    Great news! Hugs.

    Bet easy child was happy to see you guys yesterday. Have a good 4th.

  10. Wiped Out

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    Susie-It is a great program. It would be great if other parts of the country would offer the same type of program.

    BBK-There is definitely a sense of relief.

    Sue-Thanks for the good thoughts! I too hope that it is positive for difficult child has well.

    Sharon-difficult child definitely does cycle. October is usually a bad month and January or February through March or April also usually sees escalated behavior. That being said the violence is greatly reduced at other times but not completely absent either. I am hopeful he is stable enough to learn from this but I guess time will tell.
  11. klmno

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    Wow, Sharon, What a great program! I am so glad you found it. I would think this would have some good effect even if it isn't a miracle cure. Hopefully, the idea will spread to other areas, as others have already mentioned. If nothing else, it is an alternative to psychiatric hospital and probably will be more effective. Keep us updated on how this goes- I'm really interested!