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So, today was the first day of school and like usual, I sent an email to each teacher and with the older 2, all 7-8 teachers. Well, with oldest difficult child starting middle school, I was terrified with all the new diagnosis of aspergers, bi-polar along with ADHD and no medications thanks to the jerk psychiatrist. I let all his new teachers know about it and let them know I requested an ARD and 504. I got an email from his band teacher and come to find out his son has all these same diagnosis. He asked me if I'd like to talk to him about it and if I'd like his docs info! He's going to call me tonight! I'm just so thrilled that he has a teacher who doesn't just understand as a teacher, but actually lives with a child with all the same DXs! I definately think God put together some meticulous plans in heaven this week!
That is good news. God works so well in our lives.

You might want to pick up some Aspercreme. That's a lot of emails to be typing, holy moly!


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By the way, since you seem to have an "in" with God's goings on...any shot at getting some lottery numbers from him? :rofl:



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Right on! God is so good! Don't you just love it when you find support when you weren't even expecting it! I am so happy for you!


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I know I'd have been thrilled outta my mind to have one of my difficult children teachers to have a clue about their dxes. :grin:


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Well, he just called me on my cell a few minutes ago. He is such a great guy! He gave me the name of two docs and one therapist that he highly recommends. He said if I ever need to call to vent or ask for input, to do so anytime. What a nice guy! I'm just so thrilled he is going to be working with my son! Found out his son is the same age as mine and they are both in his class. Maybe difficult child 1 will make a friend!

Beth, I got the lotto #'s, but God wouldn't tell me what state it was in. :smile:

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How nice that the teacher shared this information! It would be great if the kids could become friends.


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Heeeeyyyyy! I knew they were right when they cast George Burns as God in "Oh God"! What a sense of humor...

hey, 50 bucks and we could be millionaires... :smile:

Congrats again!



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What great news! I do think when we open up to others, we find so many in the same boat. It's the secrets that end up being destructive. Doesn't mean we aren't private but secrets never accomplish anything.