It's a lot better, but we could use some prayers .............

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by recoveringenabler, Jul 4, 2012.

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    Well, my difficult child got out of jail on Sunday afternoon after 30 days. We are in the process of getting the necessary appointments set up to get her evaluated, it looks like next Wed. we can see the Psychiatrist. The Social worker from NAMI will be there too to give her some help with whatever the next step is. She is different. We are both reacting very differently. That's all good. Although I still feel anxious, it's tough letting go of worrying, not only about her, but about everyone in my family. I've been responsible for everyone for as long as I can remember. So, my journey is to let go of that, let my daughter handle her life now.

    She needs to find a new place to live. Turns out that this roommate is addicted to Valium and when her allotment for the month runs out she has what seems like a psychotic break and flips out. She is not stable and is erratic, irrational, threatening and weird. My difficult child made the choice to live there when she was desperate and it was a long shot to begin with, she didn't know the woman. In any case she needs to move. She met a woman in jail who may have a solution, she and my difficult child hit it off and it could be an opening for both of them.

    My difficult child and I talked this morning and all of this feels to me like she has to begin the process of cleaning up the old life, the choices she made before, and start from scratch. She's in as good a place as can be expected under the circumstances and she is willing to get the help she needs, which is MAJOR, and our relationship has undergone a very significant change. I had every opportunity today to leap in and enable her and I didn't. And she took control and said, "I'll handle it Mom." We did break the pattern.

    A lot of changes have occurred now that are positive. Jail was her bottom and offered her many epiphanies, some new thinking, some new tools she used today to calm herself down. She sees that she is suffering from PTSD and anxiety and perhaps other things too, and that she needs help. I am so grateful for that, it's what I have been praying for for so many years.

    I'd like to ask for prayers and warm wishes and board ju ju that she finds a healthy living arrangement so she can begin her own healing. And also prayers for me to find the peace I so desire. Thank you!
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    With pleasure, RE - Hugs and prayers going out to both of you. I'm so glad your daughter is finally receptive to help.
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    I am sending many prayers and good wishes to both of you. I really hope that jail was her rock bottom, and she will get the help that she needs now. Many HUGS to you, RE.
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    Sending all the prayers and good thoughts I can RE. Lord knows I understand how hard it is for them to start over and make a new life and I want this so bad for your difficult child and for you. Please keep us posted as I think about you and all our struggling difficult child parents all the time.

  5. Prayers coming your way.

    Thank you for the update, I had been wondering how things were going with your daughter. This does seem like a positive step. I hope that she gets great doctors and find the help she needs.

    And of course I will pray for you to have peace in your life.
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    Wishing her a safe and nurturing place to lay her head and wishing you the peace you so deserve!!!
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    Adding more prayers for her peace and recovery. Also for your relationship to heal and grow. HUGS
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    You know I'm rootin' for your family. DDD
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    sending hugs your way
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    Prayers and good wishes that you both continue down this softer road. ((Hugs)) as well! :)
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    Hugs and prayers to you!
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    Now it is my turn to support you. You have been such a help to me. Keeping a good thought for you and your difficult child.

  13. Tiapet

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    Here is to hoping that your daughter finds and gets what she needs and an extra helping for you of thoughts and hugs. :)