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    I made a very big decision today where Aaron is concerned. It's something I have been thinking of for quite some time, but I was pushed over the edge yesterday when I got him home from school and he sobbed in my arms about one of the other kids at school trying to give him a wedgie with his pull-up and laughing at him in the bathroom yesterday.

    So, this morning. I went up to the school, and I withdrew him.

    You read that right. I WITHDREW Aaron from school.

    They were doing NOTHING to help him there and I really believe that the environment was doing him far more harm than good.

    I am now officially a Homeschooling Mom.(again)

    What does that mean for the time being? means that for now, I'm not even worried about "homeschooling" him. My main concern at this moment is to address his neurological needs, and medical issues, and once we get him to a point where he CAN be home schooled THEN I WILL homeschool him.

    Does that mean that he sits in front of the TV all day?


    We are going to do some baking this afternoon and I am going to have him help me measure out ingredients(math), and mix ingredients and see how a liquid and a dry powder can become a pasty substance(science or chemistry I think)....and then we are going to go outside and collect leaves and acorns and pinecones and make a centerpiece(art, science, and nature studies). Then before we pick his brothers up from school we are going to go to the store and shop for stuff for dinner. Aaron will be in charge of writing the list for me(writing), and helping me to weigh and count produce items(math).

    Am I little nervous about undertaking Homeschooling? Not really. I was homeschooling all 3 boys back 3 years ago. I made it through a whole first 3 months or so of the school year just fine. I would still be homeschooling today if it weren't for my father's death and Bart putting the boys back in Public school while I was gone out of state for the funeral and such. ( I still harbor just a little resentment towards Bart for putting them back in public school during that time but I understand that he felt I would need some time to myself to grieve after I got home, and I did.)

    I've already got my curriculum all picked out, (Switched On Schoolhouse) along with lots of trips to the library and field trips with the local Homeschool group.

    I am actually pretty relieved. Seriously. Aaron has been doing TERRIBLE in school for the past few months and I've grown weary of trying to explain to the school that he has a SERIOUS NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION and they need to cut the poor kid some slack. Living in the rural area that we do with a small school district there isn't much of a "special education" program out here....they were inflexible with attendance issues, behavioral problems, and so on and so forth. more issues for Aaron. He will be home with me where I can care for him. Which is right where he belongs.

    If all goes well the next few weeks, I plan to go ahead and pull the other two boys out during Christmas Break and homeschool them starting in January as well. It seems unfair to force them to stay in that horrible school while Aaron gets to be home and have daily nurturing with mommy.

    Well...I'm off to do some baking with Aaron....
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    Good for you!!! I admire you for making this decision in the best interest of your child!
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    Wow! What a courageous decision! I admire your determination to do what is best for your child.

    It is our job, as parents, to raise these children to be as independent and as productive in society as they can be when they are adults. No one else, no matter how many initials they have behind their name, knows what is better for our kids.

    I agree, that the public school environment can do more harm then good for our kids. I am looking at that issue right now with my difficult child. Even the simple things (like choosing teams for a game of basketball in gym) sets them up for failure and humiliation once again. Do they need to "toughen up"? NO!! They need to be supported, encouraged, nurtured and tended to so they can grow big and strong and independent.

    I am sorry that this horrible incident happened to your child! You did the right thing standing up for him and protecting him.

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    :warrior: Way to go, mom.

    And hugs for your little guy. Shame on the school for not putting a stop to that.
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    Way To Go. I know that at least Aaron will benefit from peace of mind while you work through his physical issues. So sad to read about his reaction and how mean they were to him ...
    I like your plan to incl. him in everything, measuring, etc. I hope it all goes well.
    What did they say at school when you pulled him out? Did you explain?
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    I was so angered when I read what happened to your son. I would like to offer this bit of advice to CYB (cover your behind) -

    Find out in your school district WHO is the head or top dog for psychological care of children. Every school district has one for special needs - they are usually a doctor of psychology or have a Masters in Social work at the least.

    When you find out whom that person is, write a detailed letter of the events surrounding your decision to withdraw your son, names, dates, times, people involved. KEEP EMOTION out of it. Just stick to the facts. Then send it registered, keep a copy and let them know that you are keeping a copy in his file also.

    I would mention the full name of the child that physically touched your sons backside - I don't care that he was 8 or 80 - most school districts have a hands off policy and the child should be corrected if not suspended for what he did. Acts like this stick with a kid for life and can in certain cases start a downward spiral on their self esteem. This other child is a bully. Your son needs to know that he got some type of punishment.

    SHAME on the school for not addressing this - tell your son that there are plenty of people out here who got "pantsed" in school and their Moms didn't think it was funny either. Actually my pants were stolen and I spent 3 mods in the locker room. haha.
    I stuck a note on my locker that said "Yeah you got my pants but NOW you have to tell GOD when you die that you STOLE stuff." I got more satisfaction out of that.

    Maybe you could tell your kid that the boy that did this to him probably needs more direction in school - he saw a tag that said PULL UPS and misunderstood it altogether. Numbskull.

    Welcome to the board
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    We must think alike....actually I mailed the letter today as soon as I pulled him out.

    I should clarify here that I did not FULLY withdraw him from school. I brought a letter from his Neuro that makes him eligible for a medical leave of absence. I am in the process of circling the wagons for a full assault on the Special Education Department of our district by requesting a new FIE, ARD and a rewrite to his IEP.

    This kid who is bullying Aaron has been doing this for the past two months. He is in a higher grade than Aaron. So far he has already been suspended once for messing with Aaron. It has served only to make his bullying worse on Aaron.

    THIS is why I am requesting half days, with homebound instruction for Aaron. He has just regressed so much due to his Epilepsy in the past few months that he can barely write anymore. He has lost most of his toileting skills,& a LOT of his reading and math skills. Yet they still have him in a Regular Ed classroom and ARE NOT FOLLOWING HIS IEP. He is supposed to have a full time one on one aide, reduced assignments, extended time to complete assignments and all sorts of mods. So far we only get an aide when the teacher can't seem to get him to do his work, and even then it takes FOREVER for the aide to finally come from her other classroom to help him. AND within the next few months they expect him to do STANDARDIZED TESTING!!!! WHAT??? This kid can barely write his own name anymore and they want him to do standardized third grade testing??

    Thanks for the got anymore to help me deal with this new can of worms I'm about to open??