it's official


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> no more KIDS at the kris household.

jarrod turned 20 just a couple of weeks ago & today sarah becomes an official adult!

it feels a tad weird even tho not much will change lol.

it just doesn't seem possible that this happened so quickly.

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Wow...I can't even imagine what that must feel theory you know they're adults, but like you said....not much changes!!

Congrats on being a parent of.....adults!!


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Wow, Kris -

Happy birthday to both the kids. I bet once they're at that age it seems like it went so quick. If you get bored, I can send Dylan over for a few days :smile:

Congrats on making it this far :bravo:



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Hey Kris,

Sometimes you turn around and wonder "where did the time go"? I so much loved having my babies - I sometimes even wish I had those days back!

Congrats on everyone being "all grown up!"



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I don't know how I'd feel if Brandon was an official adult. I'm still trying to figure how he turned 14 when it seems like yesterday he was running around in diapers. LOL
Tell Sarah I said Happy Birthday.
I hope the day goes wonderful.

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Happy birthday to Sarah! :smile:

Well, kris, 2 adult children in your home. Whatever will you do? :rofl:

You've come out the other end - congratulations. :bravo:


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Ahhhh Kris.

Doesnt it seem like it was just yesterday when you were changing diapers and the kids were fighting in the backseat?

I still get misty-eyed looking back at the pictures and thinking how fast time has gone. There is a song called "Then they do" that gets me every time.


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Happy birthday Sarah! And Jarrod, too!!

Kris - what a relief, huh? You have gotten them through very difficult years.
Happy Birthday Sarah!

I have 2 "adult" children and 2 under 10. It seems strange yet wonderful to see my "olders" doing so well and happy and still having the "littles" at home to play with (yes, and make me crazy, lol!)!!

Hugs to you and to Sarah!


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I'm with Janna- be happy to send one of mine over ANY time you're feeling the need to have some "children" in the house! LMAO!

Happy Birthday to Sarah!

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Happy birthday Sarah! :smile: Happy birthday Jarrod! :smile:


The time does fly doesn't it? Congrats on making it to the other side.

I only have til June and all my kids will be legal adults. :smile: But N is planning to live here til she's done with college.


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> they both seem to be turning out okay, thank heavens.

neither is planning on leaving home any time soon & that's just fine with-me. i'm not anxious to achieve empty nest status quite yet. grandchildren too seem a few years down the road at the least.

they are nice young people to have around. we have fun together. both work enough so that they aren't on top of each other two much. only a few crossover friends lol.

for right now it's all good. i'm grateful for them and :censored2: proud of them.

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