It's Sunday, and it's like week twenty-five and a half!

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    Hello my fellow journeymen! As most of you probably knew, I was at the beach last week so I didn't go to WW. And, since I was at the beach, I didn't do a lot of checking in and didn't post the weekly update.

    But I didn't want any of you to feel I've forgotten that you are still working hard!

    If you want to post an update here, we welcome it! If you want to wait until Wed, we'll take that too.

    I did get back to the gym yesterday morning! WW is right next store and they have an 8:30 meeting. So, I took my pass in. easy child refused to take hers! I told the lady that I was not a sat meeting member, I've been on vacation and haven't weighted in two weeks. I just wanted to know where I was and what I had to work for.

    So, in my workout clothes WITH my sneakers, I was up 2.8!!!!!!!!!! But, I just started my period yesterday morning and I can hold some water baby! So, I'm hoping by the time I get in Tues I will be just about back to "normal" or up a pound or so.

    easy child thought I was crazy going in! But you know, I am a visual person and I just needed to know where I stood. Now I know what I have to work on.

    Hope your Sunday is relaxing and peaceful!!

    Mom is here and I am doing salmon on the grill, mushrooms on the grill, and that blackbean and corn salad that I posted the recipe for a while back (WW recipe). Should be a relaxing evening 'cause you know I could that salmon blindfolded!!

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    Sharon (LDM),

    I'm happy you had a wonderful vacation at the beach!!! I think I would have done what you did and gone to a WW meeting too. However, in my humble opinion, I don't think you need to be too concerned about the slight gain - Given the fact you have your period (I used to be up anywhere from 1.5 - 3 lbs every month!!!) and were on vacation, I think you're doing great!!! Remember, healthy living is a lifestyle - It's ok to take a short "vacation" from it every now and then...;) I'm positive you'll be back on track ASAP!!!

    What time should I be over for dinner? It sounds delicious and very healthy too!!! You're making me HUNGRY!!!

    Unfortunately, just when I'm really beginning to make progress in physical therapy and topical treatment with Dexamethosone, my insurance company is going to cut me off - I'm only allowed a certain number of PT visits:mad: - The insurance company doesn't care about the fact that I'm really beginning to make progress. My ankle is still swollen and I would really like to continue with the Dexamethosone. However, a dollar is a dollar:mad: and my insurer isn't likely to spend any more for this injury:mad:

    My PT has requested several more visits. I have to call the PT's office today and find out whether or not the request has been approved or denied. I would be shocked if it is approved... I'm afraid to call!!!

    On a more positive note, I've been continuing to do well with eating healthy and haven't gained any weight. I've also been walking/jogging (still more walking than jogging) almost every day. I usually have some minor pain/discomfort in the evenings, but after icing, rest and sleep, I feel much better. My PT told me it is ok to continue to walk/jog in spite of this as long as I feel ok in the morning after my stretching exercises. She told me to continue to take "baby steps." She told me I'll know when I overdue it and then I'll need to stop for a day or two and just rest. So, I just keep plugging away...

    As always, I hope everyone is doing well. WFEN
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    Well, disgustingly enough, I am smoking up a storm over here.

    I can't even think up an appropriate excuse!

  4. smallworld

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    Sharon, I agree -- don't stress about the SLIGHT weight gain given your vacation and period. I always gain about 3 pounds during my period.

    WFEN, great to hear you're making progress with your ankle and your walking/jogging. Keep up the good work!

    Barbara, I'm sorry.

    I know it's not a good excuse, but exercise took a back seat between the time school ended and my daughter A left for overnight camp. But since Wednesday when I put her on a plane to Maine, I've walked every morning. Yesterday morning I even ran to the park near our house, walked twice around the track and then walked up the hill back to our hosue. My legs are really sore today so I didn't quite make it to the gym this morning, but I'm planning to walk the dog tonight at dusk. Doesn't matter how you get your exercise in as long as you get it.

    Keep on going!
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    LDM-I agree with the others-with your period and vacation I wouldn't be too worried! It's a journey and ups and downs will happen. You are so dedicated that I know you will be fine. by the way, I would have weighed in also-I'm like you, I need to know. Otherwise, I figure I really didn't gain it.

    WFEN-I'm sorry the insurance is being such a typical insurance company. I hope you continue to improve. Baby steps are good!

    Barbara-I'm sorry-it isn't easy that's for sure!

    SW-Sounds like you are doing great!

    I'm doing really well on the exercise with school being out. Healthy eating is up and down. I hope to be on track with the eating soon as summer is usually easier for me than other times of the years. I can't wait for ripe tomatoes!
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    Hello all, and hugs to everyone for successes and struggles.
    The whirlwind business trip continues on...hitting the middle of week 3 now, and I haven't had much time to read or post.

    The Trinity family is hanging in there...I've been making it to about 1 dance class per week when I'm back in town, down from my usual 3 classes, so I'm feeling a bit sluggish and under-exercised. When I get back to the hotel after work I'm usually too tired to go to their gym, and I just fall into bed. husband and I are still taking home cooking on the road, so at least I'm not adding bad food to the other bad habits.

    Hang in there everyone!