Its Sunday- Do Something Nice For Yourselves...


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Well, we all have multiple things going on in our lives and Im realizing even 5 minutes daily to start with some " me time" is a blessing... start with the 5 minutes if you cant do more, as the days pass keep adding minutes!

Last night when I was getting some toys put away outside I all of sudden looked up at the stars and just stared at, the quarter moon by three of them shining bright. I used to look a lot but just didnt care to and didnt have time to for a long time now... But something just forced my eyes up there and for a few seconds I felt a little peace. This is my plan, to go back outside when everyone is in bed every night and just look up.

Hugs to all

Wiped Out

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Great idea! Today I actually had a lot of me time-very rare. difficult child was working as was easy child/difficult child. I went to the health club and watched the Packer game uninterrupted! Then I made a delicious dinner. I even tried a new kale recipe because I had the energy after all that free time.