It's time for an IEP

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shellyd67, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Just heard back from difficult child's teacher. This are not going well for difficult child. Teacher basically said "he checks out sometimes" .

    I did ask that difficult child test in a quiet place and he complied.

    Well, it is time. Asked for a meeting with teacher and going to begin the process of implementing an IEP.

    Any advice would be truly appreciated.
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    i hope it goes smoothy and easily and helps your difficult child immensely.

    like i posted on the noisy thread, i was *lucky* to have an adult spy in my difficult child 2's classes, but if i hadn't i probably would have insisted on several observation sessions of the existing classroom so you can make appropriate mods. i would have wanted to see with my own eyes what goes on, in what settings, etc. its one of those things we dont really think of as kids get older, but its just as important as when they are little (maybe moreso if you have a difficult child like mine where school is always "fine")

    some of what happened to my difficult child sounded SO out there that it was hard to take seriously. and that was the overt stuff--she personally didnt even tell me the subtle stuff. it would have been extremely difficult to have an effective IEP without knowing what the day looked like and the cast of characters involved.

    and lastly, dont sign an IEP at the meeting :-D
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    Have they done any assessments? Make sure to request that they do a full assessment. I had to ask for an Occupational Therapist (OT) evaluation for the writing issues and sensory issues difficult child has developed. They hadn't thought of that. Duh? I also made sure that certain things were included in the IEP before I signed it because they didn't think of putting them in. Things such as taking tests in a separate room, having test items read to difficult child, a portable word processor for class work, etc. have helped a lot but wouldn't have happened if I hadn't insisted they be added.

    Good Luck and let us know how it went.
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    I've had many IEPs and my biggest piece of advice is to get an advocate involved. If you don't, the school can and probably will trick you into signing an inadequate one. Call your Dept of Public Instruction and ask for the Speciel Needs Director, then ask for the name of the Advocate in your area. my opinion don't do anything without her by your side, including telling her the whole story. Schools are known for getting away with what they can unless you know all the laws they have to follow. Parents don't. Advocates do.
    Good luck :)
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    I absolutely agree with MWM! Get an advocate. The schools really do want to put the least they can in the IEP so they are not required to do it. That has been my experience for sure. I am about to call an IEP meeting because sooooo many things need to be added to my son's IEP. Good luck!