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    Janet I have watched The Glass House episodes and a couple of the live streams. I am not impressed with it. It is basically a spin off of Big Brother but slightly different in that the viewers have some control over what the cast does though what the things are are pre-conceived choices most often from the producers themselves. Sometimes the cast will ask questions of the viewers to answer and you vote online what they are to do. You may like it but I'm not thrilled. Could be because I'm a hard core Big Brother fan. Their voting way is interesting.

    A producer and if I recall correctly some production members from CBS's team from Big Brother went over to ABC to do this show (the guy name Mike O who was the "big guy" in production in particular). I think in my opinion, it is more poorly done but for may be more acceptable for "families" then Big Brother can be overall in material. Big Brother can be very "adult" especially if you get very involved with it with the live feeds and showtime after dark.

    That's my personal take on it.
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    Oh I havent watched one episode...lol. I have just seen the commercials on TV and it looked a bit on the stupid side to me. I have no idea how they could have viewers of a tv show vote to tell a person to be a puppet basically. Im not even a Big Brother fan myself. I watched it the first season or two for a few episodes but my major reality shows are Idol, Dancing with the Stars, The Voice sometimes, and now Duets. Oh I also love things like Design Star on HGTV and the Cake Boss one and the Food Network ones.