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    Is there still peace in the valley? You and your family have been on my mind.
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    Thanks for thinking of us Witz. There is peace in the valley. difficult child did a bunch of chores yesterday, she's been coming home on time and being pleasant. Last night she didn't call me until late to tell me she wasn't coming home, but when she did she sounded coherent and not under any influences, which is good.

    difficult child starts her new job on Monday, they've scheduled for 3 days next week - not enough in my opinion, but I'm trying to be patient and see where this leads. I wish she'd dump her boyfriend, but again, it's not up to me. Patience. Their's is a love hate relationshsp. He also got a job and is working during the day I think everyday. Which means now he'll have money to buy more pot. I asked difficult child if now that he was working, will he be able to come here rather than her go there all the time (wasting her gas), or whether or not he'd take her out on an actual dinner date or something and she said, "I don't know. He doesn't like dates mom. He is against Valentine's Day and all that other junk." Sigh~

    She mentioned this guy she met when she filled out all the papers for her new job. She said he was cute and kept smiling at her (and that it bugged her). He had a big truck. She made fun, but it signified to me that she's still looking around at what's out there.

    One day at a time, as they say.

    Thanks again for asking - how are things in the Witz home? :D
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    Well, people who like romantic stuff ;) and Valentine's Day should be with other people who like Valentine's Day and romantic stuff! I'm glad that things are still calm with you all. Fingers crossed on the job. Hopefully, if he is working days, and she gets nights, they will spend less time together and she will meet someone else who has more in common with her.

    We are having a crazy week or two. I thought that Bubba was getting better on his Prednisone after they increased the dose, but a day or two later his nose got all snotty again and it really seems to be taking a toll on him. I am supposed to call the doctor on Monday for an update, and there may be a different medication to try. Hopefully she won't tell us to come back in to check for growth in possible tumors or fungus. I just want him to be better.

    husband's Christmas gift to me was to replace the flooring and vanity in the guest bath in our main hall. He is nearly done with that job, but my house is a sty. I haven't really bothered to do a real cleaning since he started 3 weekends ago. And of course, I've been waiting for Bubba's gross sneezing to stop before I do a real good scrub. I mean, why bother?

    husband is having a surgery on Monday to try to stop his snoring once and for all. He had his deviated septum repaired a few years back, but it didn't help. He's not much overweight, and he's still testing borderline for apnea. So, they are going to do more repair on the deviated septum, remove his tonsils and adenoids, and remove his uvula and part of his soft palate. He's beginning to realize that he is going to be in some pain. His coworker had this surgery a few years back and says that he feels a lot better, so husband is hopeful that it will be worth it. He says that he has not felt rested after a night's sleep since once in college. He is keeping himself busy working on the bathroom, as his promise was to have it done before the surgery. It's probably a good thing, because he doesn't have time to worry.

    I am going on a cruise to the Caribbean on the 23rd, and I am looking forward to that, to say the least. I have never been on a cruise before! Then when I get back, husband and I head to Mexico for two weeks at the end of March. I hope he will be feeling better and can actually get some rest this time. I'm going to have to light a fire under him, because he would be happy as a clam to sit around the hotel room reading computer science text books and napping. Nope! We're doing some dancing (or rhythmic hobbling, in my case) and clubbing this year. We can sit around and veg out any time! Well, maybe not this week, but most any time!

    I hope things will continue to go smoothly for you guys for a while. Enjoy it while you can!
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    Wow, witz - I have been trying to woo H away for a mini/long weekend someplace warm. I would even be happy with Florida! This winter stuff is taking its toll on both of us. I can see him slipping into his usual February slump. Anyway, he is not biting.

    Have your H's dr's ever suggested the C-pap machine? My brother in law and sister both use it and they love it. I mean, they look like an astronaut and sound like Darth Vader, but at least they are getting a good night's rest. I am sure he'll revover enough to boogie with you on vaca.

    Are you going on the cruise along? Which ship are you taking and how long will you be at sea? We went on a cruise 2 years ago for the first time ever with Royal Caribbean and it was a 7 day cruise - what fun. I loved it. H not so much. He found it 'too indulgent' and glitzy. I ignored the glitze and completely reveled in the indulgence of it all. Seriously, you don't do one chore the entire time - nothing. Not even tidy up, it's amazing. It's not the vaca I would always want to take, but definitely would do it again and again.

    I read the Travel section cover to cover this morning. I am aching to go somewhere. Somewhere warmer.

    difficult child will have to exhaust things with her boyfriend (MB) and only then, after all the drama passes, will she *hopefully* have a shot at meeting someone normal. This detachment thing is a constant work in progress, which really bugs me because I prefer to tackle something and then get on with my life. Can't do that in this case.

    Oh jeez, difficult child just came down the hall after just waking up (hoarse, in search of coffee, and with her boyfriend on the phone) to ask me if we can have a girl's day out. Her timing is all off...I treated myself to a pedicure (with her GC from Christmas) and wax job yesterday. Hahah. I will, however, kick around Kohls with her for a bit. I am not into doing chores today.

    I hope bubba's feeling better soon. Prednisone bites (no pun intended).

    Enjoy your Sunday.

    ps: H isn't a real Valentine's kind of guy, but he knows I am so he makes an effort at least. Ours have been pretty low key in recent years, but we still try and do something romantic. I make chocolate covered strawberries every year. H usually buys me Godiva chocolates (My fave) and/or flowers - I really don't want flowers. I'd prefer the chocolates. And BOTH my daughters have always been little romantics at heart, in part because I have always made them my little valentines as have both their dads - showering them with little treats and sweets and cards, flowers, etc. So I can't possibly see how difficult child can dislike Valentine's Day the way she claims! She reminds me of Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride where she adopts the habits and likes of each boyfriend, you know?
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    I'm going with some girlfriends on the cruise. They are from N. Dakota and I know they can hardly wait to get away!

    We are taking the Grand Princess on the Princess line. We will go to Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Princess Cays, plus two days at sea lounging around the ship. I've booked a catamaran cruise with a trip to the falls at Ocho Rios, and a downtown tour for shopping in Cozumel. I think we are just going to hang out and imbibe at Seven Mile Beach in the Grand Caymans.

    husband is determined to go back to work tomorrow, as the doctor told him to take a week off of work. He's still on a full dose of liquid oxicodone, and only just today graduated to solid food, if you can call cereal and a tuna sandwich solid food! I'd rather he stay home one more day than go to work and find that it's too much for him.

    But we will be going to Mexico together next month. We're both looking forward to that!
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    If I was going on all those cruises I probably wouldnt come back!!!!! That sounds like so much fun. You know we all should have fun in our lives. I believe you are doing just that. My husband and I are supposed to go to Ft. Myers FL at the end of this month. He will be umpiring a softball tournament (on the side job) and my easy child son will have to go to. We are planning to make it a mini vacation. Who knows - I have had to live one day at a time for so long I can hardly plan any way else. Have fun on your cruise. Maybe one day I can go on one!!!!
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    Witz, have an awsome time. I hope your H doesn't overdo it. If his body tells him to rest, will he listen? So many of us don't listen when our bodies tells us it's time to slow way down.

    In mid-March mine and easy child's time share will be closed and then I can start planning my vacas that include anywhere else besides with family - haha. I cannot wait.

    In the meantime...I spend hours searching websites of places I want to go!