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    When did easy child move home again? What did I miss?

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    easy child moved back home on September 7th-ish. She broke up with her boyfriend up at college, gave up her lease at the apt and sold off some things and moved back home. She decided it within a couple of weeks. She became less than disenchanted with her boyfriend and felt that since she acquired her associates from CIA, if she continued towards her bachelors for the business/hsopitality management end of her degree she could do so from home, and for about $20,000/year less that what the CIA charges. It was all very fast. I have to admit, although I am happy, no thrilled, to have her home again, I was a bit shocked at the speed in which she made her choice and then acted on it. I feel sort of bad for the boyfriend, but not a ton. She had been complaining to me for a while and, you may recall, theirs wasn't the most solid of foundations...they never ever went more than a few months without a breakup. He was incredibly needy and put a lot of pressure on her whenever she went out with her girlfriends. Plus, she said he wasn't very attentive in the bedroom,,,ahem. When they decided to get an apt together, I seriously began to wonder if she wasn't really a difficult child laying in wait. I still sometimes think so...lol.

    Anyway, she let it slip within a week of being home that she had been talking to her old boyfriend that she was with for 2 years before she went away to college (yes, the one who cheated on her before she left and she dumped him) Then she said he was 'coincidentally' in her area one day doing a job (he is a carpenter) and she and he met for dinner - while easy child's boyfriend was at work. Hmmmm....and I can guess (accurately, I'm sure) that they'd been talking via texts quite a bit at that point. She says nothing happened until after she left old college boyfriend...

    Since she's been home, she and the old boyfriend have been seeing one another. It's a tough spot because she's said on more than one occasion that "he's the one" and that "at their age, you can't waste time just dating - you have to talk about the future and what each of you want out of it", etc. Anyway, I think they have been talking marriage and even babies! See, there is that difficult child-ness creeping in. I can't tell her what to do, she will be 21 soon...H and I really REALLY want her to take some more management classes here in Spring semester, but for now she says she just wants to work full time. She got a great job doing what she loves that is only about 15 minutes from home. She was burnt out when she finished school in July - I get it, CIA is an extremely rigorous school and in the two years she spent there she took something like 36 classes!! I have told her to take things slowly, and although I think she is taking it somewhat slowly (NOT), I am keeping my ears open for wedding bells. Eiyee! I can't even imagine. Today she asked difficult child if difficult child would carry a baby for her if she was unable to...what the heck is she thinking about. She's ga-ga. And her boyfriend is also. The way he just gazes at her. wow.

    So, the room that was going to be my mom's is now back to being easy child's room - it looks like heck because it used to be difficult child's before easy child went off to college and there are holes in the walls, old corkboards and ugh, just ugly. Last week I came home and saw that easy child had painted it - even the trim - in pepto bismol pink, it is putrid. But it's hers, so I am not complaining. Now more than ever, I want H to finish the upper floor addition so we can tear down the walls between our room and hers and make it our family room - and paint over the pink!

    So, yes, easy child moved home. I can see that difficult child is a bit relieved that some of the focus has shifted from her a little and that with easy child home, she doesn't think we've got our eyes on her...wrong. Hahaha. So much for being an almost empty nester.
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    LOL...lord Jo...sounds like a worldwind at your house. I loved the part about "at their ages"...lmao. Sounds like she thinks she is ancient. Go get a copy of Trace Adkins song...Your gonna miss this...and play it over and over to her...lmao. Or pull it up on Youtube. I swear that song is so true...every time I hear it I think of Jamie and Billie...sigh. They rush life.

    Its kinda funny...yours is thinking about marriage and babies...mine may be already pregnant again...sigh.
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    Well, thanks for the tear jerker, Janet. I watched, watched it again, saved and it and will download it onto my iPod now. Yeesh - what a baby I am.

    Yes, the song's story totally reminded me of so many 'kids' I know around here - all in a rush to grow up and get married or have babies. difficult child is the exception - it is like she has an allergic reaction to becoming a grown up. easy child has said she doesn't plan on having babies until after she's 24, but who knows...

    And there you are getting ready to be a Mima again! Wow.
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    Thanks, Jo. As I was reading, the details started to come back to me. (it's tough getting old and losing one's memory!) I hope it works out all the way around.

    Janet- great song and so true.